42 Popular Fruit Decoration Ideas For Valentines Day

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Thanks to a million badly made chick flicks, a few hundred commercials with animated hearts gushing out everywhere and some really bad ad campaigns, chocolates and flowers have lost their appeal as romantic gifts. This means guys all over the world are now clueless as to what to get the special woman in their lives and women are expecting men to be able to come up with that perfect gift for them. Men on the other hand haven’t really accepted the fact that the days of chocolates in heart shaped box are over for the simple reason that they really don’t see any alternatives to Valentines chocolates.

The easiest way to find a romantic gift for Valentine is to take something you know your girlfriend/ wife loves and give it a romantic twist. Let’s say you both love pizza, instead of a big dinner out in some overpriced restaurant with cheesy valentines day decorations, order a special pizza that’s heart shaped and use some pasta to write a special message.

If you have a health conscious girlfriend (or one who’s on a diet), giving her chocolates is probably the worst idea ever. Give her something healthy in a way that she doesn’t think you’re calling her fat. This means no exercise books or DVDs, try valentines day fruit baskets that are healthy. Fresh fruit bouquets can be an ideal gift in this case.

You’re girlfriend/ spouse is dying for some originality and a genuine show of affection. The easiest way to satisfy her is to write her a nice valentine card. Even if you have to watch a dozen sappy love conquers all movies to get inspired, do it and write her a great card.


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