43 Wonderful Handmade Decorations Ideas For Valentines Day

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It’s almost Valentines Day and I want to share with you how to decorate your home for this special holiday. Christmas is not the only holiday you can decorate for. In just an hour you can turn your home into a romantic setting for you and that special someone. So instead of going out to dinner order inn so you can enjoy you beautiful decor.

I always start in the dining room covering the table with a sheer sparkly table cloth, all you need is a few yards of fabric from your local fabric store and then just hem the sides. for an extra touch take some satin ribbon and tie a bow around each chair. Now for the center pieces my favorite part. Take a short wide crystal vase and stuff it full of red, white and pink roses then accent some of the roses by gluing clear rhinestones and white craft pearls on them and then place at the center of the table.

Next get two long rectangle serving trays (preferably silver, crystal or white) placing one on each side of the flower arrangement. With red glitter lightly sprinkle the bottom of each tray. Add some pretty ornament three to each tray, all you need are six clear glass ornaments, rose buds, confetti and lace trimmings. Fill each ornament different making each one unique, just take off the top and add what you want in each one. I made three with pink roses and white lace scraps and the other three with red roses and valentines confetti for my table.

When you done filling your ornaments put the top back on and tie some decorative ribbon through the top loop. Place three ornaments evenly spaced in each tray, then in between each ornament add a white scented candle. For the rest of the house sprinkle fake white, pink and red rose petals, a few white lace doilies and some scented candles on the end tables, coffee table or where ever you see fit. You can also add different flower arrangements and crystal trays of chocolates.

Now your all done with your own romantic setting and ready to celebrate this special holiday with your love. It’s amazing what you can do with a few decorative ornaments, fabric and some roses. The best part is most of these decorations can be saved for next year.


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