Best Ikea Wardrobe Closet Hacks In 2023

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Are you tired of the same old wardrobe setup? Looking to upgrade your closet without breaking the bank? Look no further than IKEA wardrobe closet hacks. With a little creativity and some affordable IKEA products, you can transform your wardrobe into a stylish and functional space. In this article, we will explore the best IKEA wardrobe closet hacks of 2023.

1. Utilize the PAX System

The IKEA PAX system is a versatile and customizable wardrobe solution. It allows you to mix and match different components to create a wardrobe that suits your needs. Whether you need more hanging space, shelves, or drawers, the PAX system has got you covered. By adding extra shelves or drawers, you can maximize storage and keep your wardrobe organized.

2. Install LED Lighting

Adding LED lighting to your wardrobe can instantly elevate its appearance. Not only does it provide better visibility when choosing your outfit, but it also adds a touch of elegance. Install LED strip lights along the top or sides of your wardrobe to create a soft and warm glow. This hack is not only functional but also gives your wardrobe a luxurious feel.

3. Use Drawer Dividers

Keep your drawers organized with the help of drawer dividers. IKEA offers a variety of options, from adjustable dividers to compartmentalized trays. Sort your clothing items by category and use dividers to separate them. This hack not only saves you time when searching for specific items but also keeps your wardrobe neat and tidy.

4. Add Mirror Doors

Make your wardrobe feel more spacious by adding mirror doors. Not only do mirror doors create the illusion of a larger space, but they also serve a practical purpose. You can easily check your outfit from head to toe without the need for a separate mirror in your bedroom. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit your wardrobe perfectly.

5. Incorporate Shoe Storage

Are your shoes taking up too much space in your wardrobe? Consider adding shoe storage solutions. IKEA offers various options such as shoe racks, shoe shelves, and pull-out trays. By dedicating a specific area to your shoes, you can keep them organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to rummaging through piles of shoes to find the perfect pair.

6. Create a Vanity Area

If you have extra space in your wardrobe, why not create a vanity area? Add a small table, a mirror, and some storage for your makeup and beauty essentials. This hack not only saves you time getting ready in the morning but also adds a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. Transform your wardrobe into a personal dressing room.

7. Use Shelf Inserts

Add functionality to your wardrobe shelves with the help of shelf inserts. These inserts allow you to separate and organize your folded clothing items. From sweaters to t-shirts, shelf inserts keep everything in place and prevent items from toppling over. They are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

8. Install a Pull-Out Trouser Hanger

Tired of your trousers getting wrinkled and creased? Install a pull-out trouser hanger in your wardrobe. This accessory allows you to hang your trousers individually, preventing them from getting tangled or wrinkled. It also saves space and makes it easier to browse through your collection of trousers.

9. Use Jewelry Organizer Trays

Keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free with the help of jewelry organizer trays. These trays fit perfectly inside your wardrobe drawers and have compartments for different types of jewelry. No more searching for matching earrings or untangling necklaces. With jewelry organizer trays, you can easily find and access your accessories.


Upgrade your wardrobe with these best IKEA wardrobe closet hacks of 2023. From utilizing the PAX system to adding mirror doors, there are plenty of affordable and creative ways to transform your wardrobe. Maximize storage, keep your clothing organized, and add a touch of luxury to your space. With these hacks, you’ll have a wardrobe that is not only functional but also stylish.

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