35 Cool Ikea Kura Beds Ideas For Your Kids Rooms

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35 cool ikea kura beds ideas for your kids’


When it comes to designing your kids’ rooms, finding the right bed is crucial. The IKEA Kura bed has become a favorite among parents for its versatility, affordability, and stylish design. In this article, we will explore 35 cool IKEA Kura bed ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect space for your little ones.

1. What is an IKEA Kura Bed?

The IKEA Kura bed is a reversible loft bed that can be transformed into a low bed. It is made of solid pine and features a simple, yet functional design. The bed can be customized with various accessories, such as curtains, canopies, and storage solutions, making it an excellent choice for kids’ rooms.

2. Why Choose an IKEA Kura Bed?

There are several reasons why parents love the IKEA Kura bed. Firstly, it is an affordable option compared to other bed designs. Secondly, its versatility allows for different configurations and adaptations as your child grows. Lastly, the bed’s minimalist style fits well with various room themes and can be easily personalized.

3. Safety Considerations

While the IKEA Kura bed is a popular choice, it is essential to consider safety precautions. Make sure to secure the bed to the wall to prevent tipping. Also, ensure that the mattress fits snugly in the bed frame to avoid any gaps. Follow the assembly instructions carefully and regularly check for any loose screws or parts.

4. Creative Bed Configurations

The IKEA Kura bed can be configured in different ways to suit your child’s needs. You can have it as a loft bed with a play area underneath or as a low bed with a canopy. Another option is to add a desk or storage units to maximize space. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

5. Personalizing with Curtains and Canopies

Add a touch of magic to your child’s room by dressing up the IKEA Kura bed with curtains or canopies. Use colorful fabrics, fairy lights, or even mosquito nets to create a cozy and private space. Let your child’s personality shine through by involving them in the fabric selection process.

6. Storage Solutions

One of the great features of the IKEA Kura bed is its adaptability to storage solutions. You can add shelves, bins, or even a built-in wardrobe underneath the loft bed. This helps keep the room organized and provides ample space for toys, books, and clothes.

7. Customizing with Paint

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider painting the IKEA Kura bed to match your child’s room theme. Use non-toxic paint and let your child choose their favorite colors. You can also add stencils or decals for a more personalized touch. Just make sure to let the paint dry completely before allowing your child to sleep in the bed.

8. Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Transform the space under the IKEA Kura bed into a cozy reading nook. Add cushions, pillows, and a soft rug to create a comfortable seating area. Install a small bookshelf or wall-mounted pockets for easy access to your child’s favorite books. This will encourage a love for reading and provide a quiet retreat.

9. DIY Projects

Get creative and involve your child in DIY projects to personalize their IKEA Kura bed further. You can make custom beddings, decorate the bed frame with stickers, or create a mini art gallery using picture frames. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way to bond with your child.


The IKEA Kura bed offers endless possibilities for creating the perfect space for your child. From loft beds to cozy reading nooks, this versatile bed can be customized to suit any room theme. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a colorful play area, the IKEA Kura bed is a fantastic choice for your kids’ rooms in 2023.