Small Mid Century Modern And Boho Farmhouse: A Perfect Blend Of Styles

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Welcome to 2023, where interior design trends have taken a delightful turn towards the small mid-century modern and boho farmhouse style. This combination brings together the best of both worlds, creating a unique and inviting space that is both trendy and timeless. In this article, we will explore the key elements of this design style and provide some tips on how you can incorporate it into your own home.

What is Small Mid Century Modern?

Small mid-century modern refers to a design style that emerged in the mid-20th century and is characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a focus on functionality. This style is all about simplicity and minimalism, with an emphasis on open spaces and natural light. Think of iconic furniture pieces such as the Eames lounge chair and the Nelson bench, as well as sleek and streamlined architecture.

What is Boho Farmhouse?

Boho farmhouse, on the other hand, is a style that combines the rustic charm of farmhouse design with the eclectic and free-spirited elements of bohemian style. This blend creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, with a mix of vintage and handmade items, natural materials, and vibrant colors and patterns. It’s all about embracing imperfections and creating a space that feels warm and lived-in.

Bringing the Two Styles Together

Combining small mid-century modern and boho farmhouse may seem like an unlikely pairing, but it actually works beautifully. Both styles share a love for natural materials, such as wood and leather, as well as a focus on comfort and functionality. By incorporating vintage and handmade pieces into a mid-century modern space, you can add a touch of boho charm and create a more personalized and eclectic look.

Furniture and Accessories

When it comes to furniture and accessories, look for pieces that have a mid-century modern aesthetic but with a boho twist. Opt for a mix of vintage and new items, such as a mid-century sofa with colorful bohemian pillows, or a farmhouse dining table paired with modern chairs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and patterns, such as a Moroccan rug or a macrame wall hanging.

Color Palette

The color palette for a small mid-century modern and boho farmhouse style is typically warm and earthy, with pops of vibrant hues. Think of warm neutrals like beige, brown, and cream as a base, and then add in accents of bold colors like mustard yellow, teal, or terracotta. This combination creates a cozy and inviting space that feels both modern and bohemian.

Plants and Natural Elements

No boho farmhouse space is complete without plants and natural elements. Incorporate plenty of greenery, such as potted plants or hanging planters, to bring life and freshness to your space. Additionally, consider adding natural materials like jute, rattan, or woven baskets for a bohemian touch. These elements not only add visual interest but also create a calming and organic atmosphere.


Lighting is key in any interior design style, and the small mid-century modern and boho farmhouse style is no exception. Look for lighting fixtures that have a mid-century modern vibe, such as pendant lights with clean lines or floor lamps with a sleek design. To add a bohemian touch, consider incorporating string lights or a statement chandelier with boho-inspired details.


The small mid-century modern and boho farmhouse style is a perfect blend of two distinct design aesthetics. By combining the simplicity and functionality of mid-century modern with the warmth and eclectic charm of boho farmhouse, you can create a space that is both stylish and inviting. Remember to have fun with mixing and matching furniture, accessories, colors, and textures to make your space truly unique. Happy decorating!

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