How To Hide Your Kitchen Trash Can In Style

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41 Sneaky Ways To Hide A Trash Can In Your Kitchen DigsDigs


Having a kitchen trash can is a necessity, but let’s be honest, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing item in our homes. However, there are clever and stylish ways to hide your kitchen trash can, keeping your space clean and visually appealing. In this article, we will explore some creative ideas to conceal your trash can in a way that seamlessly blends with your kitchen’s decor.

1. Built-in Cabinet

One popular solution is to incorporate a built-in cabinet specifically designed to hide your trash can. These cabinets come with a discreet door or drawer that seamlessly blends with your existing cabinetry. This option not only conceals the trash can but also provides additional storage space for other kitchen essentials.

2. Pull-Out Trash Can

If you don’t want to invest in a built-in cabinet, a pull-out trash can is another great option. These trash cans are installed inside your existing cabinets and can be easily accessed by pulling them out when needed. When not in use, they remain hidden behind closed cabinet doors, keeping your kitchen looking neat and tidy.

3. Under-Sink Trash Can

Make use of the space under your kitchen sink by installing a dedicated trash can. This option is perfect for smaller kitchens with limited cabinet space. You can find under-sink trash can systems that come with multiple bins for easy waste segregation.

4. Trash Can Drawer

For a sleek and minimalist look, consider a trash can drawer. This option involves installing a shallow drawer with a built-in trash can. The drawer slides out smoothly, allowing you to dispose of your waste conveniently. It’s an ideal solution for modern kitchen designs.

5. Camouflage with a Tabletop

If you have a freestanding trash can, you can cleverly hide it by placing a decorative tabletop over it. Choose a table or a kitchen cart that matches your kitchen’s style and place it over the trash can. This way, the trash can becomes virtually invisible, and the tabletop serves as an extra surface for food preparation or storage.

6. Convertible Island

If you have a kitchen island, consider investing in a convertible island that can hide your trash can. These islands come with a hidden compartment specifically designed to conceal your trash can. When not in use, the trash can is neatly tucked away, giving you a clean and streamlined look.

7. Tilt-Out Trash Can

A tilt-out trash can is another practical option that hides your trash can behind a cabinet door. The front of the cabinet door is designed to look like a regular drawer, but it actually tilts out to reveal the trash can inside. This solution is perfect for those who want a seamless and integrated look for their kitchen.

8. Wall-Mounted Trash Can

If you have limited floor space in your kitchen, consider a wall-mounted trash can. These trash cans are attached to the wall, keeping them off the floor and out of sight. Look for wall-mounted trash cans with a sleek and modern design to add a touch of style to your kitchen.

9. Decorative Screens

Add a decorative touch to your kitchen while hiding your trash can with a decorative screen. These screens can be placed around your trash can, creating an attractive barrier. Choose a screen that complements your kitchen’s decor, whether it’s a wooden panel, a metal screen, or a fabric cover.


With these creative ideas, you can easily hide your kitchen trash can in style. Whether you choose a built-in cabinet, a pull-out trash can, or a decorative screen, there are plenty of options to suit your kitchen’s design and your personal taste. Say goodbye to unsightly trash cans and hello to a beautifully concealed waste management solution.

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