49 Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs

49 Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs Introduction If you’re looking to add a touch of vibrant and eclectic style to your kitchen,...

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49 colorful boho chic kitchen designs
49 colorful boho chic kitchen designs digsdigs

49 Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs


If you’re looking to add a touch of vibrant and eclectic style to your kitchen, then boho chic might be the perfect design choice for you. This unique and colorful design style combines elements of bohemian and hippie influences, creating a relaxed and inviting space. In this article, we will explore 49 stunning boho chic kitchen designs that will inspire you to bring this lively aesthetic into your own home.

1. Embrace Bold Colors

One of the hallmarks of boho chic design is the use of bold and vibrant colors. Don’t be afraid to incorporate rich hues like deep blues, fiery oranges, and earthy greens into your kitchen. These colors can be used on the walls, cabinets, or even in the form of colorful tiles.

2. Mix and Match Patterns

Boho chic is all about embracing a mix-and-match approach, especially when it comes to patterns. Combine different patterns and textures in your kitchen, such as floral prints, geometric shapes, and tribal motifs. The key is to create a harmonious and visually interesting space.

3. Natural Materials

Bring a touch of nature into your boho chic kitchen by incorporating natural materials. Opt for wooden cabinets, countertops, and flooring. You can also add wicker or bamboo accents to create a more organic feel.

4. Vintage Touches

Add a vintage flair to your boho chic kitchen by incorporating antique or retro elements. Look for vintage appliances, retro-inspired light fixtures, or flea market finds that can add character and charm to your space.

5. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a staple in boho chic kitchens. It not only provides functional storage but also allows you to display your colorful and eclectic collection of dishes, glassware, and cookbooks. Consider installing floating wooden shelves or vintage-inspired metal racks.

6. Boho-Inspired Accessories

Accessorize your kitchen with boho-inspired elements to complete the look. Hang macrame plant holders, display colorful pottery, and incorporate woven baskets for storage. These small touches can make a big impact in creating a boho chic vibe.

7. Eclectic Lighting

Illuminate your boho chic kitchen with eclectic lighting fixtures. Look for pendant lights with unique shapes, colorful lampshades, or even string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

8. Plants and Greenery

Add a touch of nature to your boho chic kitchen by incorporating plants and greenery. Display potted herbs on your windowsill, hang trailing plants from the ceiling, or create a mini indoor garden in a corner of your kitchen. Not only will this bring life to your space, but it will also purify the air.

9. Cozy Seating Area

Create a cozy seating area in your boho chic kitchen where friends and family can gather. Use colorful cushions, poufs, and rugs to make the space inviting and comfortable. This area can also serve as a breakfast nook or a place to enjoy a cup of tea.


Boho chic kitchens are all about embracing color, pattern, and a relaxed vibe. By incorporating bold colors, mixing and matching patterns, and adding natural elements, you can create a vibrant and eclectic space that reflects your unique style. So go ahead, let your creativity run wild, and transform your kitchen into a boho chic haven.

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