20 Smart Ikea Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home

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28 Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home DigsDigs

20 Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks for Your Home


The IKEA Oddvar stool is a versatile and affordable piece of furniture that can be easily customized to suit your home decor and storage needs. In this article, we will explore 20 smart hacks that will inspire you to transform your Oddvar stool into something unique and functional.

1. Rustic Side Table

Turn your Oddvar stool into a rustic side table by simply adding a wooden plank on top. This hack is perfect for adding a touch of farmhouse charm to your living room or bedroom.

2. Upholstered Seat

Add comfort and style to your Oddvar stool by upholstering the seat with your favorite fabric. Choose a fabric that complements your existing decor and create a cozy seating option.

3. Storage Ottoman

Maximize the storage potential of your Oddvar stool by transforming it into a storage ottoman. Simply attach hinges to the lid and add foam padding and fabric for a comfortable and functional piece of furniture.

4. Pedestal Plant Stand

Showcase your favorite plants by turning your Oddvar stool into a pedestal plant stand. Paint the stool in a color that complements your plants and add a waterproof sealant for durability.

5. Kids’ Step Stool

Create a safe and sturdy step stool for your kids by customizing the height of the Oddvar stool. Paint it in vibrant colors or add decals to make it more appealing to children.

6. Vanity Stool

Add a touch of elegance to your dressing area by turning your Oddvar stool into a vanity stool. Paint it in a metallic finish and add a cushioned seat for a glamorous look.

7. Bookshelf

Maximize vertical storage in your home by stacking multiple Oddvar stools together to create a unique bookshelf. Paint them in coordinating colors for a cohesive look.

8. Kitchen Helper Stool

Make mealtime more enjoyable for your little ones by transforming the Oddvar stool into a kitchen helper stool. Add a rail and non-slip steps for safety and convenience.

9. Bar Stool

Create a stylish and affordable bar stool by customizing the height of the Oddvar stool and adding a cushioned seat. Paint it in a color that matches your kitchen or bar area.

10. Pet Bed

Give your furry friend a cozy place to rest by turning your Oddvar stool into a pet bed. Add a cushion and a removable cover for easy cleaning.


The IKEA Oddvar stool offers endless possibilities for customization and creativity. With these 20 smart hacks, you can transform this simple stool into functional and stylish pieces of furniture that will enhance your home decor. Get creative and enjoy the process of making your Oddvar stool truly unique!

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