Incorporate Maps Into Home Decor: A Trendy And Unique Style For 2023

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25 Ways To Incorporate Maps Into Home Decor DigsDigs

Why Choose Maps as Home Decor?

Maps have always been fascinating, and they offer a sense of adventure and wanderlust. Incorporating maps into your home decor can add a unique touch to your living space. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of maps, this trend is perfect for you. Let’s explore how you can incorporate maps into your home decor in 2023.

1. Create a Statement Wall

One of the most popular ways to incorporate maps into home decor is by creating a statement wall. Choose a large wall in your living room or bedroom and cover it with a map mural. This will instantly become the focal point of the room and add a sense of wanderlust to your space. You can opt for a vintage or modern map, depending on your style preferences.

2. Frame and Hang Maps

If you prefer a more subtle approach, framing and hanging maps can be a great option. Select a few of your favorite maps, such as a world map or a map of your favorite city, and frame them. Hang these framed maps on your walls to create an interesting gallery. This is a great way to showcase your love for travel while adding a sophisticated touch to your home.

3. Custom Map Wall Art

Add a personal touch to your home decor by creating custom map wall art. Many online platforms allow you to create personalized maps based on your favorite locations. You can choose the city where you were born, your favorite travel destination, or even the place where you met your significant other. These custom map prints can be framed or hung directly on the wall, adding a sentimental touch to your space.

4. Map-Inspired Furniture

Take your map decor to the next level by incorporating map-inspired furniture pieces. Look for coffee tables with map designs on the surface or side tables with map patterns. These unique furniture pieces will not only add character to your space but also serve as great conversation starters when hosting guests.

5. Vintage Map Wallpaper

If you love the vintage aesthetic, consider using vintage map wallpaper. This can be a great choice for a study or home office, creating a cozy atmosphere. Vintage map wallpaper adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to your space, making it the perfect backdrop for your creative endeavors.

6. Map-Inspired Throw Pillows and Linens

Add a pop of color and pattern to your living room or bedroom by incorporating map-inspired throw pillows and linens. Look for pillows with world map prints or bedding sets with map patterns. These small accents can make a big difference in your overall decor and tie the theme together.

7. DIY Map Crafts

If you enjoy crafting, there are numerous DIY map projects you can try. Create map coasters, map-covered storage boxes, or even a map decoupage tray. These DIY projects not only allow you to personalize your decor but also add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your home.

8. Map Wall Clocks

Incorporate maps into a functional piece of decor by adding a map wall clock to your space. These clocks come in various designs, featuring different parts of the world. Choose a clock that complements your existing decor and adds a touch of elegance to your walls.

9. Map-Inspired Lighting

Illuminate your space with map-inspired lighting fixtures. Look for pendant lights or table lamps with map designs on the shades. This will not only provide ambient lighting but also add an interesting visual element to your home decor.


Incorporating maps into home decor is a trendy and unique style for 2023. Whether you choose to create a statement wall, hang framed maps, or incorporate map-inspired furniture and accessories, this trend allows you to showcase your love for travel and add a touch of adventure to your living space. Get creative and start incorporating maps into your home decor today!

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