55 Cool Non Conventional Bedside Tables

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55 Cool NonConventional Bedside Tables Bedroom interior, Small

55 Cool Non Conventional Bedside Tables – 2023


In this year 2023, the world of interior design is witnessing a revolution in the way we think about bedside tables. Gone are the days of traditional, plain nightstands. The market is now flooded with unique, creative, and non-conventional bedside table designs that add a touch of personality and style to any bedroom. In this article, we will explore 55 of the coolest non-conventional bedside tables that are sure to inspire and impress.

What makes a bedside table non-conventional?

A non-conventional bedside table is one that breaks away from the traditional norms and offers a unique and innovative design. These tables can be made from a variety of materials, such as reclaimed wood, metal, glass, or even unconventional items like vintage suitcases or bicycle wheels. They often feature unusual shapes, colors, and textures that make them stand out as a focal point in the bedroom.

Tips for choosing a non-conventional bedside table

When choosing a non-conventional bedside table, there are a few things to consider:

1. Style and Theme:

Consider the overall style and theme of your bedroom. Is it modern, rustic, bohemian, or vintage? Choose a bedside table that complements the existing decor and adds a unique element to the room.

2. Size and Functionality:

Make sure the bedside table is the right size for your space. It should be proportionate to the bed and provide enough surface area for essentials like a lamp, alarm clock, and a book or two. Additionally, consider if you need any storage options like drawers or shelves.

3. Material and Durability:

Consider the material of the bedside table and its durability. If you have kids or pets, you may want to choose a sturdier option that can withstand some wear and tear. Additionally, think about the maintenance required for the specific material.

4. Budget:

Set a budget for your bedside table purchase and stick to it. Non-conventional designs can range from affordable to high-end, so it’s important to know your budget limitations.

Review of 55 cool non-conventional bedside tables

Now let’s dive into our top picks for the coolest non-conventional bedside tables:

1. Reclaimed Wood Crate Nightstand:

This rustic and eco-friendly bedside table is made from reclaimed wooden crates. It offers a charming and vintage look, perfect for a farmhouse or bohemian-style bedroom.

2. Vintage Suitcase Nightstand:

If you love all things vintage, consider repurposing a vintage suitcase as a bedside table. This unique piece adds character and nostalgia to any bedroom.

3. Bicycle Wheel Nightstand:

For the cycling enthusiasts, a bedside table made from a repurposed bicycle wheel is a great choice. It adds a touch of quirkiness and showcases your passion for biking.

4. Tree Stump Nightstand:

Bring a touch of nature indoors with a tree stump bedside table. This organic and rustic piece adds a natural element to any bedroom and can be used as a stool as well.

5. Floating Shelf Nightstand:

If you have limited space or prefer a minimalist look, a floating shelf nightstand is the perfect choice. It provides a sleek and modern design while still offering a small surface area for essentials.

6. Vintage Radio Nightstand:

Add a retro vibe to your bedroom with a vintage radio repurposed as a bedside table. This unique piece not only serves as a table but also brings a nostalgic charm to the room.

7. Glass Block Nightstand:

For a modern and contemporary look, a glass block nightstand is a fantastic option. Its transparent design adds a sense of lightness and elegance to any bedroom.

8. Wine Barrel Nightstand:

Repurpose a wine barrel into a bedside table for a rustic and wine-themed bedroom. This creative piece adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the space.

9. Vintage Trunk Nightstand:

Bring the allure of travel and adventure into your bedroom with a vintage trunk as a bedside table. This stylish and functional piece offers ample storage space for your belongings.


As you can see, non-conventional bedside tables have become a popular choice for those looking to add a unique touch to their bedrooms. With so many creative designs available, there is a non-conventional bedside table to suit every style and preference. Remember to consider your bedroom’s theme, size, functionality, material, and budget when choosing the perfect bedside table. Happy decorating!

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