8 Brilliant Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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8 Brilliant Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas – A galley kitchen is one of the most versatile layouts. It’s great for small homes and apartments, but it can be challenging to design because there’s limited space.

The good news is that you can still have a modern kitchen in a galley floorplan! We’ve rounded up some inspiration for modern kitchens in small spaces:

8 brilliant small galley kitchen remodel ideas

You can have a modern kitchen in a small galley floorplan.

You can have a modern kitchen in a small galley floorplan. Use a light color for the walls and cabinets. Glass cabinets are also good.

Modern appliances can be used, such as an induction cooktop or glass-doored microwave oven.

Open shelving is good for maximizing storage space in a galley kitchen, but it should not take up too much of the wall space otherwise you’ll end up just feeling like everything is crammed into one area of your new design!

A backsplash is another great way to maximize your small galley kitchen while adding some style to its design elements (and preventing water damage).

Another option that works well with this kind of layout is using an island instead of more traditional counterspace along one side of the room.

This gives you additional countertop space where it’s needed most without taking up too much valuable wall space on either side where there might be other appliances like ovens or refrigerators sitting there already (which would block off access to those areas when open).

If your budget allows for it then consider investing in hanging pendant lights over each workspace instead—they’re beautiful additions that will bring more light into your home while also giving off an airy vibe due out from above so make sure they aren’t too close together!


It’s time to get inspired! We hope that these kitchen designs have given you some ideas to make your own small galley kitchen remodel more functional and beautiful.

If you need more inspiration, there is plenty of information out there on how to design a kitchen in any size home.

And if all else fails, remember that it is possible to create a beautiful space even with limited square footage.



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