49 Superb Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas To Try

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Would you not fancy a crisply decorated balcony that can be a great entertaining, cozy place midst verdant plants and shimmering sunset? Behold and lo, this is not just an imagination, as this can be your own balcony.

Not many of us are quite fanciful when it comes to Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas, in fact most of us treat our balconies like a store room by dumping all the daily utilities. Here are some outstanding ideas to convert your dingy balcony into a pleasant abode.

49 superb apartment balcony decorating ideas to try

#1 Examine your balcony: Is your balcony too small? What is the shape of your balcony? Features like the size, shape, flooring and the ratio of the covered area in your balcony should be determined before you even plan to refurbish it. In case your balcony is too small, plan on the refurbishing part in a limited manner. Likewise the number of things to be placed in a small balcony can be constricted to just two or three.

#Ponder over your balcony style: Make a list of all the themes you can possibly convert your balcony in to. Refer various online sites to get an idea of the apartment themes. Based on the chosen theme, you can select the furnishings, accessories, floras and other objects to be placed in the balcony. However, if you can customize your own themes as per your convenience, try incorporating spaces for barbeque, a cosy slumber place or perhaps an elegant entertainment space. At the same, if you are staying in a rental space, get to know the do’s and dont’s for balcony decoration from your landlord.

#Planning out-and-out: Even before you decide to redesign your balcony, consider what impact would your balcony decoration have on your neighbors, likewise your dripping pot plants and the thick foliage in your balcony possibly infested with insects might really be a concern to them. Also the frequent dampness from watering your plants might rile them too.

#4 Create your own balcony kitchen garden: Who says that a balcony cannot be converted in to a small vegetable garden? Although it might seem unusual, you can increase your greens by having a flower bed, a vegetable garden or a herb garden in your balcony. Cultivate a mixture of perennials, herbs and seasonal delights midst an apt seating arrangement in your balcony. To cultivate larger plants in your balcony you can follow terrace garden techniques to secure your building as well as your plants. However, remember to place plants which need ample amount of sunlight on a raised platform. Ensure to secure your plants to the railing or any other sturdy surface so as to avoid them crashing on to your neighbor’s balcony or on the road.

#5 Place trendy furniture: If you wish to make your balcony an entertaining space, a barbeque or a slumber space, pick up a pair of wicker chairs and a small coffee table. If your balcony is quite spacious, you can place a weather proof sofa, hammock or a cot to sit back and indulge in nature. Add charm to your balcony by installing a bird feeder which will attract more birds and make your balcony a heavenly abode. Avoid placing too many things in your balcony and ensure that the furniture and the plant containers are matching or are a plethora of trendy colors. If you prefer to keep your neighbor’s peek away from your balcony, you can cover the exposed side of the balcony with colorful fabrics/ weather proof blinds which can blend well with the walls and the floor.

#6 Apt balcony lighting: Adding the right kind of lighting in your balcony gives you your desired thematic look. Look for electrical outlets in your balcony or add extensions if you do not have any. Do not install expensive lights and instead install a low wattage, warm colored bulb to illuminate specific areas or make your own customized lights which can dangle from your balcony ceiling. Apart from bulbs, you can add colorful Christmas lights on the plants/ railings, or simply decorate your balcony with small tailored garden lights or wall lights. However, if there is no electricity available in your balcony, you can lighten up your balcony with scented candles, do not forget to put them off before you leave your balcony.

#7 Paint the balcony walls: Your balcony walls can be fashioned in innumerable ways blending with the theme. If you have placed multitudinous plants in your balcony, paint the walls with similar colors or have similar shade wall papers. To make your balcony look more spacious and brighter, you can paint the walls with lighter shades with a pinch of brighter colors here and there to match with the furniture and the embellishments.

# 8 Enliven the flooring: Why leave your balcony flooring looking mangled and uneven midst the well adorned space? Give your balcony a sophisticated look by installing wooden flooring, which will also be easy to maintain. You can also opt for stone flooring, rubber flooring, plastic flooring or simply cover the most utilized areas of recreation with sturdy rugs. Having an appropriate flooring cover not just makes your balcony an apartmentspace, but also gives a chic visage.

# 9 Personalize your balcony: Add final touches to your balcony by unleashing your creative skills and making the space more personalized and more thyself. Hang memorable or family pictures along with calendars, wall arts and other paraphernalia required in the balcony. However ensure that all of these are weather and water proof. In case your balcony has a hammock installed, mount a bookshelf on the wall to keep your favorite volumes.