40 Elegant Bird House Ideas For Your Backyard Space

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Bird-watching is such a fun and enjoyable activity for many people. The chirping of birds seem to be music to the ears as they feed and interact with other winged creatures. Freedom is one thing that our little winged friends enjoy. You can even witness this spectacle from the comforts of your own garden or backyard. But first you have to build a birdhouse especially if you don’t have the constraints of time.

Although many species of birds prefer to make their own nests, there are still those that will gladly create a home in the birdhouse you created for them. Birdhouses are usually cuboids in shape with sloping roofs. Most have hinged tops to permit easy cleaning while the birds are away. It is important for these dwellings to have proper drainage in order to prevent mold formation and bacterial contamination which can also harm the nestlings if there will be any. There should also be adequate ventilation because these birdhouses can get very hot inside for the birds especially during summer. Intense heat will cause these birds, including fledglings, to move out of their houses.

Also very importantly the birdhouse should mimic the birds’ natural environment as close as possible to make them feel at home. No matter what type of birdhouse you want to construct, you must provide sufficient protection from predators.

Having limited space should not prevent one from building a dwelling for our little friends. As a matter of fact, you can put one in a garage or shop. But it is advisable to put up the birdhouse in an open area to avoid predators and for the birds to locate them easily. During colder seasons, the entrance hole must be turned away from the direction of the wind to protect the young birds from shivering due to the cold winter winds.

Lastly, paint should not be used on the inside of birdhouses because chipped portions of paint may be mistaken by birds as food. So, if you ever want to have a refreshing hobby like bird watching, why not build a birdhouse in your garden or backyard?