44 Best Foyer Design Ideas To Copy Asap

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When friends, family and guests enter your home, you want to create a smooth transition from space to space. One of the ways to do that is to design the foyer and hallway so that they flow into one another seamlessly. There are a few different approaches that you can take to do this. Not every approach will work for every home, so use the techniques that compliment your home’s layout and decor.

Minimalist Approach
If your home is sleek and modern, your foyer should be too. Use the same cool color that you have painted the hallway on the foyer walls. A light gray or stark white are always great options, as they are hallmarks of modern and contemporary decor, as well as being excellent backdrops for wall decor. One idea for creating a space that flows from the foyer to the hallway is to use framed pictures. Choose some of your favorite black and white photos, frame them in square black frames, and run them from the foyer to the end of the hallway. The eye will be drawn down the space and the effect will be one of continuity and seamless transition. The foyer should also be free of heavy, bulky tables and side chairs; choose sleek modern pieces instead with similar lines for both the foyer and hallway.

Stay for Awhile
Have you ever entered a home and felt instantly at ease? Some homeowners have been able to create this instant sense of comfort and welcome by using the foyer and the adjoining hallway to their advantage. Instead of seeing the spaces as two separate entities, the foyer and hallway are seen as extensions of one another. Wallpaper is a great way to combine the two areas, as it carries the same theme and pattern along the wall. Many homeowners choose to wallpaper only the bottom half of the wall, and leave the top half painted. This is an especially good idea for creating a seamless transition, because the chair rail molding gives the length and line that represents continuity. Flowers and calming colors also help to add that instantly welcoming feel that makes guests want to stay for awhile.

Eclectic Approach
For those homes that feature eclectic style, the flow of the foyer into the hallway can be more of a challenge. There are usually so many different patterns and designs flowing through the house that a common theme is difficult to pinpoint. One way to solve this is to use one theme in both the foyer and hallway. An example of this might be a common image, such as a butterfly or rooster. Include the image in accessories and main pieces in both the hall and foyer, so that as people walk from one space to the other, there is a sense of continuity.

Creating a seamless transition from one area is possible if you use your eye for design and your home’s decor to inspire you. With the right accent pieces and a few architectural details, like chair rail molding, your foyer can be a true representation of your home.