44 Admiring Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas That You Shouldnt Miss

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Many people feel that cooking is a soothing experience and hence is considered a stress buster kind of an activity. One important reason for this is the kitchen, the beauty of which lies with the fact that everything is well placed, clean and beautiful. And when a kitchen and the adjective: beautiful are used in the same sentence, it is mostly to describe kitchen countertops. From various shapes, sizes, patterns, designs and materials, it not only look beautiful but display elegance and stylishness like no other accessories or part in the kitchen.

Now when it comes to kitchen tops, granite is the king with absolutely not much of a competition. And there are various reasons for this fact; some aspects where granite based countertops score nice brownie points are as follows:

The Hardness Advantage

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, and hardness translates to durability. As a normal kitchen would have loads of various sizes and weights being placed (dropped and thrown in worse cases) on countertops, it is worth to invest on a material known for its hardness. In addition, granite manages to considerably resist blisters and scratches. And even when hot pans or pots are placed, granite resists the damage (both physical and aesthetical damage) to a large extent.

Good Resistance to Grease/Oil

The worst part of any kitchen is the amount of grease and oil which gets placed on this and even other parts of the kitchen. No doubt, grease and oil if not cleaned properly will spoil the aesthetic part of a granite laded countertop, but granite resists hot grease to a good extent if the new type of sealing called the silicon laced impregnator is used with it.

Easy to Clean

The beautiful granite kitchen countertops are easy to clean and post cleaning & drying look like it were never spoiled in the first place.

The Finish

The best part about it, is the finish. Both the visual finish and the physical finish (when you feel it) are factors adding to the beauty of the material. Also, the polished finish doesn’t wear off easily. The surface is so smooth that it assists rolling out processes, if required.

Cost Effective

With all the advantages and returns the natural stone of granite offers, kitchen countertops are considered quite cost effective, worth every penny invested.


How about a material for your kitchen which comes in hundreds of colors and shades? Granite countertops come in various colors like white, brown, green, black, blues, red, beige etc. With so many colors to choose from, the users are spoilt for options. Popular colors in the granite based kitchen countertops segment are brown, black, green and beige.

All in all, this score heavily on aesthetic aspects to the extent of kitchen countertops getting synonymous with countertops. Also, as all granite slabs are unique and no 2 granite slabs are exactly similar, granite surfaces as countertops are unique, just like every kitchen is.