46 Latest Garden Design Ideas With The Concept Of Valentines Day

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If you have a look around the shopping malls you will see that there are lots of advertisements for gifts for your Valentine. The question is which one do you buy?

How well do you know your Valentine? Have you been together days, weeks, months or years? What you spend your money on may be dependent on the length of your relationship.

I admit that I am a bit of a romantic. I like to spoil my husband at opportune moments. I have cooked him 3 course gourmet meals, massaged him after a weary day at work and we have been known to share a bubble bath complete with a nice cold glass of white wine. I have put together my list of romantic gift ideas for you and your loved one to make Valentines Day a special occasion for you both.

Flowers always get received well. But, you do not have to spend a small fortune on a dozen red roses:-

*A single red rose is just as welcome and some women feel that it is also very
romantic. If you feel like spending a little bit more why not team it with a
cute teddy bear, box of chocolates or even her favorite perfume.

*As an alternative to the red rose why not buy a potted plant;

*Seeds or bulbs. You can plant these in the garden together and enjoy the color when they flower

*Artificial Flowers are a good alternative, particularly if your Valentine has an
allergic reaction to pollen!

*Make up a gardening hamper with a book on gardening, some seeds and bulbs,
a pair of gloves and maybe a voucher offering your services

A vacation or a weekend away is an excellent idea. But, you may need to discuss it with your partner first as they may have work or family commitments that cannot be rearranged. You also need to check that they are fine with the sleeping arrangements, particularly if you have not been together long. They may not wish to share a room with you so early on in the relationship.

Can you afford the trip? If you invite your valentine away then he/she may assume that you are paying. Make sure that you make it clear to them what you are expecting them to pay towards, if anything. I am sure that they would not be happy if you took them away to a secluded island which cost a lot of money and you expected them to pay half!

Let Food Be The Language of Love.

*Book a table at your favorite restaurant but be aware that you may have to book several weeks in advance for popular restaurants and that your date will like the food.

*Cook a meal at home. It does not have to be something extravagant, just something that you will both enjoy. Perhaps you could cook it together. A few candles and some soft music will make your evening even more romantic.

*Have food delivered to your door and watch a movie. No cooking or tidying away dirty plates after wards; more time to spend with each other. Fill a basket with a DVD of their favorite movie, popcorn and a bottle of wine, dim the lights and settle down for a cozy night in together.

*Picnic down by the river. If the weather turns cold or it starts to rain gather up your hamper and go back to your place to eat. Tip: make sure that you have tidied up before you go out!

A day out at a sporting event or concert. If you do not already know ask your Valentine if there is a particular sporting event or concert that they are interested in? Purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment on the day.

A trip to the theater/cinema or opera. Ask your Valentine if there is anything at the theatre or cinema that they would like to see and purchase tickets. Perhaps you could go for dinner after the show.

Hot Air Balloon/Helicopter Ride. A hot air balloon or helicopter ride is an expensive gift so make sure that your Valentine does not mind heights! You could take him/her on a scenic trip over the city that you live in or perhaps over the countryside and then cozy up afterwards and discuss it over coffee.

A day at a health spa or pampering session. What a nice way to make your Valentine feel special. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have some relaxing time together at a health spa. This will need to be planned ahead particularly if you have children, you will need to find someone to look after them for you. If you do not have the time to spend a full day at a health spa you could arrange for a couple of pampering treatments. Some beauty parlors let you pay for treatments in advance and may even provide you with a voucher to present to your Valentine on Valentines Day.

If you are on a tight budget or you would like to give your Valentine something unique you could try one of the following:

Homemade candles. Kits can be bought from the craft shop and you make your own, choosing the color and scent if you wish.

Journal or Scrapbook. Write a journal of the time that you have been together; include photographs of the two of you, postcards of places that you have visited and poems. You can both sit down and read it and reminisce about the times that you have shared.

Compile a CD with your favorite music on. If there are some love songs that remind you of special moments that you have shared why not compile a CD with them on. You could also design a cover which will make it even more unique.

Whatever you decide to do I am sure that your Valentine will feel that they are the most special person in your life on the most romantic day in the year.


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