19 Pretty Artistic Living Room Design Ideas To Try Asap

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Arranging the living room at home with varying sizes is a challenge. In addition to deserving guests, this space must be set for comfort.

If you are an art enthusiast, do not hesitate to place artistic furniture in every room in your home. No need to worry if it does not have enough space. By perfect and harmonious structuring and a little creativity, your room will not look crowded.

You could choose a strong touch of artistic furniture, such as a set of antique carved chairs. You can also break down the color of wall paint or add a little detail of its engraving. You can enable old teak table as a coffee table. As the result, you have a luxury room.

You can add a touch of wood trim and carved wooden decorations. These ornaments make your living room feel more hitch. You can also create a textured wall paint which is then covered with a matching color.

To maintain your collection well, apply a piece of art from wood and kerosene mixed shoe polish, then use a cotton cloth to clean. Wood will look shiny and termite resistant. Do this at your leisure.

Then, clean wood carving with a soft brush that has been dipped in polish, dip a little. Use a clean rag soaked with cow’s milk and rub gently to cleanse the frame or gold-colored engravings. So, even though you only have a small space for your living room, you can still have a space that is warm.