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42 Cute Garden Design Ideas For Small Area To Try

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Decide Use of Garden Tractors Or Lawn Tractors

When you have a small garden the question of using the garden tractor seems like a waste of money. When a smaller lawn tractor will do your work equally well, why spend more money in buying the garden tractor? Well, there are some points in favor of both the ideas and we will take look at both sides of the coin.

Garden Tractor Vs Lawn Tractors

Lawn tractors: Smaller gardens with an area of less than 2 to 3 acres can make do with smaller tractors better known as lawn tractors. Essentially these are used for lawn mowing and no other work. If your garden is small and has only the lawn, you may continue to use the lawn tractor. Small lawn tractors have a capacity of about 4 to 6 HP.

However, if you do some gardening and have some agricultural produce, it makes sense to buy a garden tractor. The agricultural work involves loading and unloading of the agricultural inputs and outputs and it is difficult for lawn tractors to handle such loads. The attachments that can be attached to a lawn tractor are limited and it cannot definitely take the front end loader attachment that can be required for leveling the ground or flattening it.

The garden tractors are also useful to you in saving time for the other work. With lawn tractor, the time required for the same work will be much higher than the time required for equivalent work for a garden tractor. Since agricultural work is not the main business of a small landholder, it makes sense to have a tractor that can do the work quickly and get on with other jobs that you have in hand.

With a garden tractor, you can do many things that are impossible for the lawn mower to do with or without attachments. For example, you cannot use your lawn tractor for aerating the field, leveling the driveway, or hauling the firewood from far corners of your garden.

With a larger machine like a garden tractor, you can do many things that are unthinkable with small lawn tractors. The removal of stones in your garden or shifting of the stones for beautification of the garden are impossible to be done with small lawn tractor but it can be easily done with a small garden tractor and you can save lot of money in doing this.

Granted that the lawn tractor costs less money for purchase, but think of other jobs that you will be outsourcing in developing your garden and if you buy the garden tractor right at the start of your work, it will be economical to you in the longer run. If later you find it not being used completely, remember that it has saved you enough money to pay for itself and is still saving your time. Remember the wise old saying that ‘time is money’ and now you can save time and utilize it in higher yield business that you are in now.

The idle investment garden tractor can also make money for you if you rent it. If you are not the kind of person, who likes to rent his/her equipments, just remember that the garden tractor has done its work for you during the development stage of your garden and allow the garden tractor the well earned rest in your garden


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