47 Magnificient Outdoor Summer Decorations Ideas For Party

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Hot weather provides endless options in party themes for summer parties. Pool parties, barbeques, gardening, athletics, beach and luau all have potential for decorating and game themes. Any aspect of the carefree summer season can provide inspiration for outdoor party themes. Sailing, racing or horse back riding can give a central idea to the décor of otherwise ordinary get together. Cruise-ins or 1950’s parties are good back yard decorating themes. Who can resist adding a hint of the island life to a land locked Midwestern party with umbrellas in drinks and grass skirts on the serving tables?

For an exotic touch add a little Hawaiian flair to your summer party. Set up tiki torches and throw some pineapple and pork kabobs on the grill, along with a few fish filets. For side dishes you can make up some steamed rice and poi. Or simply put out a platter of diced fruits. For music put on Elvis’s album “Blue Hawaii” or some music from Don Ho. A good game of limbo will get guests’ blood pumping and keep everyone from falling into a sense of boredom. Don’t forget to hand out Leis to your guests as they arrive. These flower and shell necklaces are a sign of affection.

Recreate the drive-in movie scene for a summer party. It can harken back to the good old days of B-rated movies and popcorn. Invite your guests to come wearing vintage style clothing from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s and make sure that you make up a lot of buttery popcorn. You can even set up a mini concession stand where guests can get their drinks and food. If you have a projector you can play the movie outside or you can bring the guests inside to watch some old movies that you remember seeing at the drive-in.