43 Inspiring Outdoor Metal Design Ideas For Garden Art You Must Try

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Metal garden art has been around for a long time. If you look at garden art as a part of outdoors art, the earliest examples may be the huge line drawing on the plateaus of Central America. More common are the statues and fountains of the ancient Romans and Greeks. While the use of metal is an ancient one, its use in art forms suitable for garden use is a fairly recent development.

A good gardener knows that landscaping begins with the “bones” of the garden. What he means is the “bones” are permanent fixtures around which the garden is designed. The fixtures can be trees, fountains, large works of metal garden art or anything that is part of the garden but is either immovable or difficult to reposition. Metal garden art is, of course, more than just a frame or accent for your garden. It can provide you with a place to sit or shade under which you can enjoy the outdoors.

Perhaps more than even the interiors of the house, the beauty of a garden lies in the eyes of the beholder. Metal garden art allows you to place what you want where you want to enhance the appeal of your open spaces. When designing your garden, it is best not just to say that you want pieces of art at specific places. You need to know what exactly you will be placing where. The area around a metal flamingo needs to be different from that below a metal wind chime hanging from a branch. Find or get fabricated the pieces you want, in the styles and sizes you want and then lay out the garden. If you are working with a contractor, have him find what you are looking for. They will have far better resources than you do to find what you want. In case what you are looking for is not available, a contractor will know where if can be made. If what you want is outside your budget, the contractor may be able to offer cheaper alternatives.

Remember that metal garden art is not limited to just decorative items. Wrought iron furniture will liven up your garden and give it an artistic touch. Walkway coverings such as trellises are a great way of creating a secluded spot. Why not look at metal bird houses or rabbit hutches if you are a wildlife lover? Anything metal in your garden that is not just functional but adds to the over appeal of the space is metal garden art.

To be different you can look at using old household items, either your own or those bought at a garage sale, as metal art. And old metal bucket can look nice as a flower pot in a moss covered corner. Or an old ornate bathtub used as a planter. Strategically placed hubcaps can be used to hold floating lilies. The beauty of metal garden art is that it can be anything that adds appeal. The only requirement, of course, it that it be made of metal.