Cute Small Bathroom Decor Ideas On A Budget To Try39
Cute Small Bathroom Decor Ideas On A Budget To Try39

42 Cute Small Bathroom Decor Ideas On A Budget To Try

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Small bathroom remodeling can be as simple as changing just a few items and maybe add a little bit of home décor. This article will look at a couple of possible solutions at you might use and perhaps may have never even thought of before.

There is More to Painting Than Just the Canvas

Several years ago I came across the lady who did the exquisite paintings. The unique thing about her paintings though was the fact that she painted on bathroom sinks, toilet lids and other types of fixtures.

You would be amazed at how much you can touch up a plain white sink just by painting some beautiful flowers or other types of scenery on them. Then you can add some decorative faucets, which may run a couple hundred dollars, but they’re well worth the investment for the convenience of them.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a few large plumbing supply places they should have some displays and you may go and see if they have anything like this in their showroom.

In this simply adds some bathroom décor items that might enhance the painting. Even if it’s a simple is just integrating some of the colors in the room with some pictures or some towels will really catch up and save you a lot of money rather than having to completely remodel your bathroom.


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