47 Impressive Kids Bedroom Ideas With Doraemon Themes

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Every child’s bedroom should be made to feel special and wall stickers can be the perfect solution for creating an original look. Whether it’s for a boy or girl, newborn or toddler, the kinds of decorative stickers that are out on the market nowadays can definitely add a wow factor to the bedroom. It may surprise you, but stickers of today are stylish, designer driven creations and won’t leave that annoying sticky residue on the walls afterwards.

Whereas in the past, wall stickers have been lacking in depth and design, there are now many companies out there producing stunning examples. The sheer scope of bedroom wall stickers is vast and with the internet, every type of sticker is at your fingertips in an array of colours.

Having such great options means that whatever the size, shape or colour of bedroom your child has, you’ll be sure to find the right accompanying sticker to go with it.

Not only do they look great, but decorative stickers can be educational for your child too. There are large sticker shapes that help to promote the learning of the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and different animals, as well as food, drink, weather and so many more!

It is tempting to put up posters or paper charts with sellotape or blu-tac in your child’s room. Not only do paper posters very quickly get tattered and torn, they are never truly flat and can leave the bedroom looking messy. With wall stickers, the image is always perfectly flat, never frays at the edges and will not take the paint off when removed. If you get see through backgrounds, the image of the sticker looks like it is actually part of the bedroom, rather than something that has just been stuck on for effect.

You can get wall stickers that seem to sprout up from the floor and grow out along the wall, like the burst of pink butterflies design. Offering immediate vibrancy to a part of the bedroom that before was lacking, wall stickers are a focal point and will grab the attention of anyone walking in.

All children love animals and there are plenty of wall stickers reflecting this. You can easily get your child’s favourite animal and search for a design to suit this. There are families of owls standing next to other in all colours, African animals from the savannah parading across the wall in a long, adorable column. The options are almost endless and will no doubt lighten up your child’s bedroom and make it somewhere even more special than before.