48 Cozy Interior Design Ideas With Lighting Combinations

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Indoor lighting is obviously essential to any home, but the type of lighting can make a big difference on many levels, from the appearance of your home to the energy-efficiency. By simply adding new fixtures you can improve the look and even functionality of this important part of your home.

Updating Interior Lights

Using outdated lights can make your home look and feel dated, like it isn’t well-maintained. This is something people may notice when they come for a visit, but it is especially noticeable if you are trying to sell your home.

In some cases outdated interior lights don’t provide the best kind of light for their intended purpose. If you get accustomed to this you may not even notice this. Certain fixtures diffuse light better than others, and some illuminate better than others.

Another reason to update some of your fixtures or bulbs is to increase energy efficiency. By using fixtures or bulbs that are more efficient you can save on electric bills and replacement bulbs. Not only do efficient lighting technologies like LEDs cost less to operate, but they also don’t produce additional heat which can save you money on air conditioning during the warm months.

Why Use LED Lights

The main reason people are switching to LED lights is for energy-efficiency and increased savings. While they may cost more upfront, over the long run they are much less expensive than using traditional fixtures. LEDs use less energy to operate, they don’t waste energy heating the bulb and the “bulbs” themselves last for years, even longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs).

While LEDs are more common in outdoor lighting, as the vast majority of solar lights use them, they are made for use indoors as well. More common uses are in the form of night lights, or accent lighting, but there are also a variety of beautiful wall sconces available as well.

There are also a variety of battery operated LEDs that can provide light virtually anywhere you need it. Most people think of under counter or night lights when they think battery powered, but there are a number of distinct and beautiful wall scones available as well to fit any style from contemporary to country.