Unodinary Small Apartment Decor Ideas For Girls 20
Unodinary Small Apartment Decor Ideas For Girls 20

53 Unodinary Small Apartment Decor Ideas For Girls

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Adding a special touch to your apartment can add a lot of aesthetic appeal and personality to the building. You need not spend exuberant amounts of money for renovation.

For girls, avoid monotonous colors. Choose contrasting colors to add life to the place. If your favorite color is pink or lavender, you can paint one side of the wall with these colors and choose a complementing color like ivory white on the remaining sides. You can also go in for bright colors like green, yellow, orange in your living rooms but make sure they are not eye popping. Use pastel shades for bedrooms. This will emanate a sense of clam and peace. Use lamps. Wall hangings like paintings and photographs could add a perfect touch to the place.

For boys, you can opt for shades of gray, brown, blue etc. A combination of red or black on one side and pure white on the other will also add a sense of vibrancy. You can buy metallic tables, antique lamps and maybe an abstract wall hanging. Paint the rooms with alternating dark and light shades of blue to complete the look.

For family apartments, maintain a neutral color for living, dining and kitchen rooms. For bedrooms, personalize each room according to the family member’s favorite color. You can prepare your own wall hangings. You can also texture one side of the wall and leave the others simple. Use contrasting colored curtains. A leather couch with a sleek LCD TV would be perfect.

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