51 Unique Summer Decor Ideas Just For You

1 min read

Summer is in full swing and many people are taking advantage of the great weather and bright sun for outdoor activities. Most people however, don’t know that summer offers them a unique opportunity to freshen up their decor.

Yes it’s true; the summer season gives us an opportunity to do some quick and cheap interior decorating to liven up our homes. Bright colors, breezy fabrics and fragrant flowers are the fundamentals of an easy summer decor.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make an impact is with the addition of fresh flowers. I recommend fresh cut, brightly colored flowers either from your own garden (if you happen to be so lucky) or from the local florist. Place them in a light and understated vase; avoid heavy, dark or bulky vases and let the flowers take center stage. Placement should be casual and on table/counter tops to ensure the flowers are always visible. Consider the foyer, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom as prime locations.

The second decorating idea I’d like to share with you involves livening up the colors in your home. It’s no secret that color has an impact on our moods and plays a major role in any decor. Since we’re trying to take advantage of the bright summer sun and increased light levels, it’s a good idea to choose bright and airy colors or patterns. These are sure to raise energy levels and lift your mood. A great way to do this is with small accessories such as throw pillows and table runners. These are items that are available at just about any home store and can be had for as little as a few dollars each.