Pretty Hang Wreath Ideas In Door For Summer Time 41
Pretty Hang Wreath Ideas In Door For Summer Time 41

50 Pretty Hang Wreath Ideas In Door For Summer Time

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Summer’s almost here and I can hardly wait to fire up that grill and serve up some burgers to my friends and family. Patio parties are as American as apple pie. Tanned kids run through the sprinklers while adults relax with good conversation and a cold beer. Life doesn’t get much better. Here are some ideas to add just the right touches to your parties this year including using an outdoor wreath or two in just the right spot.

Preparing for your next patio party is easier and less costly than you might think. These ideas that won’t cramp your budget and can be used over and over during the summer months and repeated year after year.

Use twinkle lights (or leftover plain white Christmas lights will do) to bring festivity and warmth to your patio. Hang lights or lanterns from trees. Line your fence or deck rails to create the cozy atmosphere of an enclosed space. Wrap your yard umbrella’s spine and ribs to add light to your food table after the sun has gone down for the night.

Be prepared for summer pests, and don’t let them spoil your party. Place citronella candles throughout your party area and especially near the eating tables. Buy pop-up mesh food tents to protect your dinner and treats.

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