55 Brilliant Bathroom Tile Design Ideas That Very Inspiring

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Bathroom tile design is often dismissed as an important factor when considering bathroom design. However there are so many bathroom tile designs and a huge variety of wall and floor tile shapes, sizes and materials to choose from that spending time on your bathroom tile design can be very rewarding.

Choosing where you want tiles in your bathroom should be the first step. You do not have to cover every inch of bathroom surface with tiles, but you might want more than a few around the sink. The most sensible option is to consider where the walls and floor will have the most contact with water. Shower enclosures, bath and sink surrounds and often the whole bathroom floor are key areas.

Then you need to consider your bathroom design theme and style. A traditional country bathroom might have slate floor tiles or more rustic earth tones for the wall tiles. A modern bathroom could have mirrored tiles or designer italian glass tiles for a contemporary finish. For a colonial look the black and white checkerboard tile design will always give a striking classic look.

The size and arrangement of your bathroom tiles should be your next consideration. Large tiles will obviously cover a larger area quickly and effectively, whereas small tiles are ideal for smaller areas such as basin surrounds or for framing a design. Mosaic tiles can be very time consuming but with a skilled artistic touch you can create a unique focal point. By placing rectangular tiles on their side you can make a small bathroom appear broader and adding a diamond pattern in the centre of a wall will create depth and focus.