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Are you tired of seeing your garage or yard cluttered with all of your garden tools, long hose, lawn mower and other things? Let’s face it, having them all over the yard could re be an eyesore and it could also be a big hassle to work around with all of that stuff. Backyard shed plans is the best option that you can consider if you want your tools to be well organized and stored in a safe location that will actually add value to your home.

Spending just less than a week, you can already build your own backyard storage shed. You will also be able to take pleasure with the extra space that will gain at clearing up your backyard. Think of having a well organized unit that you do not actually have to mess around with stacks of items just move the lawn mower out if you want to cut the grass in your yard.

What Size of the Building Will I Need Backyard Shed Plans For?

Nothing could be more frustrating than having to spend a lot of time and effort on building a storage shed, only to end up realizing that it is just not big enough to hold all of your yard equipment and other items that need to be in the storage.

To know how big your backyard shed should be, it would be good if you follow plans. Follow the steps below to get started.

• Gather all the items and materials that you want to store into your shed in your yard or garage
• Arrange all the items as you would want to store inside it. Leave at least 10 to 20 inches of space that would serve as a walkway.
• Make a square out of all the materials that you have.
• Take a measurement of the width and length of all the arranged materials
• Multiply the results of a factor of 1.5 on all of the sides.

The results that you would be getting are the measurements of how wide your backyard shed should be.

Why multiply the results to 1.5? The answer is very simply, over time you will continue to accumulate materials into your backyard shed and would need more space to accommodate them. This is part of doing backyard shed plans.

Save More money with DIY Backyard Shed Plans

Pre-built could actually cost you thousand of dollar. But with making your own backyard shed, you could save more than 75% of your money by just spending less than a week.

Besides Having Backyard Shed Plans, What Else Would I Need to Have to Build My Own Shed?

Knowing the materials that you will need when building a backyard shed. Nothing could be more frustrating than going back and forth to the hard every 10 minutes. When looking for shed plans, always make sure that they provide a complete list of the materials that you would need. Otherwise, you would just be left wasting money and time.

Below is a short list of the most forgotten items that you will need in setting up the plans.

• Drainage – Make sure that you know the measurements of the gravel and draining materials that you will need. This will help at making sure that your shed would not trap moisture and deteriorate the wood underneath.

• Metal Drip Edges for Roofing – These are also very important, this will help in water drainage in cases of bad weather.

• Exterior soffits – These are important for ventilation.