41 Cozy Diy Art Flowers Ideas For Garden On A Budget

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What kind of ornament looks best in the garden? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some it’s a weathered stone statue covered in moss. For others, a procession of animal cutouts parading across the lawn. It can be a contemporary sculpture in the garden “gallery”, a one of kind birdhouse or a collection of hand painted objects. I have some favorite ideas where ornaments are related in spirit and style. Maybe you will get an inspiration of the different ways to bring the artful touch into your yard.

In a small garden, with the use of mirrors and paint you expand your space and multiply images. A mirror at the end of a path can create the illusion of a much larger yard. Small mirrors or gazing balls placed among the plants can reflect light and images in appealing ways. So your patio faces a blank wall, magic can be worked with a painted scene, a faux gate that appears to lead into another part of the yard. What ideas for illusion can you conjure up in your garden?

Contemporary art created for the garden has freedom of spirit and is a joy to view. The color and form of original art pieces can have a strong visual impact on the viewer. A large sculpture makes a bold statement on an expansive lawn. A sculpture “garden” can be the perfect solution where it is difficult to grow anything. When choosing contemporary art, you can’t go work if you buy what you love! There is a special excitement about choosing original works of art. Once in place the garden art will provide years of delight.

Borrow from the past with classical ornaments. From statuary of the Greeks to benches of the Victorian era classic ornaments for the garden have been handed down to us for centuries. Statues, fountains, sundials and gazing globes cast in cement, metal, stone and synthetic material are sold in garden shops everywhere. Artifacts in the classical style can look attractive with contemporary plantings.

Whimsical garden ornaments put the emphasis on a lighthearted approach to decorating. You can find anything from a menagerie of animals to funky found objects created from ceramic, metal and even shrubbery. Once you have fallen for an object, it’s what you do with it that makes it your own. Do you sit your “pot person” on a bench or place him among the flowers? Presented in a unique and original way anything goes, as long as it’s fun!

A beautiful or unique container can make a style statement on its own. An ornate urn can be a dramatic focal point at the end of walkway. Display special containers with flowers or just solo. Imaginative pairing of plant colors and forms with containers is an art form in itself, one that can be refined and perfected from year to year. Whether it’s an antique urn or a newly painted pot, it will find its place in your garden as an expression of your personality and style.

In style, spirit and materials, there is a tremendous choice of garden decor. Ornaments are largely what give your garden individual character. Many yards have the same flowers, but decorative accents give it your personal stamp. If you are a flea market specialist, art collector or even a DIY, as long as you place the selections thoughtfully in their setting, just about anything can make an attractive garden ornament.