43 Inexpensive Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

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With a little care and consideration, you’ll be able to have a garden on a deck or patio of an apartment. You can enjoy herb, flow or even veggie gardens from your apartment deck/patio. You really don’t need much space to have a good garden. Here are some recommendations for how you can garden in a space no more than 8 sq ft. With a little planning in just minutes you can have a great garden.

First you’ll need some plant growing containers. You can find a variety of sizes to choose from but try to stick to 18 inch or smaller. You may also think about hanging some of your planting containers to give you additional space on your deck or patio. This is easily done by hanging hooks to attach the hangers to – but be sure to check with your apartment manager before drilling holes or making any big changes to your deck area.

As far as veggies go you will find a big variety to pick from. Some favorites include tomatoes of course, but also carrots, peppers, squash (think about growing these from a hanging basket) or radishes. The variety of flowers available for planting in a small garden such as deck gardens is virtually limitless. As for which herbs are best to grow – think about what you like to cook and use popular varieties that are easy to grow like basil, rosemary and thyme. But you don’t have to limit your garden to just flowers, veggies and herbs – you can also consider alternative gardens like Feng Shui or Bonsai gardens. The basic concept of Feng Shui gardens is to arrange the plants in way so that there are no straight lines. These are great ways to show off small statues of Buddha or other Asian garden art.

Bonsai gardens are popular to set up both indoors and outdoors. Of course Bonsai are small trees that have been sculpted into appealing shapes. When thinking about what you want to plan a critical factor in choosing is thinking about how much sunlight your apartment deck gets. This can determine what you grow. Make sure the plants get plenty of sun. This can be an issue when setting up a patio or deck garden. The bottom line is that any sort of garden can be done in a small setting. After all, even though it’s an apartment – it is still your home.


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