47 Inspiring Theater Room Design Ideas For Home

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Inspiring theater room design ideas for home44

In preparing your home theater you want it to be convenient and comfortable and for that reason you should plan its design carefully. To start with draw a floor plan showing the measurements of the room and setting out all of the electrical outlets in the room and where they are located. Will you want to display your speakers then you will want free standing speaker, or do you want to build them into the wall? Where will you put the screen? Where the screen will be placed is important so that you can arrange the seating accordingly. These are all major issues you will have to consider in planning your audio visual system.

Does your home have a traditional look or a modern look? Depending on your home décor you will have to decide what system will best fit into that décor. There are a variety of designs and styles to choose from to suit your home décor. Since the quality of sound is determined by, not only the dimensions of the room but the furniture and flooring in the room.

To start designing your home theater you will start by measuring the room for size and shape. Include in your measurements the walls and the ceiling. Where will you position the TV. When the latter is determined you can plan on where the accessories will be placed (speakers, etc.). It may be a good idea to sound proof your home theater room. Noise can be distracting in other parts of the hose.

Lighting in the home theater room is important so you may want to have a lighting control system installed in order to provide at least a small amount of light in the room. Some people want to retain their home atmosphere and would create more light in the room. How authentic do you want your home theater to be? If you want complete authenticity you may consider such accessories as a candy counter, a marquis and theater style drapery.

However you design your home theater, consider it carefully then build it and enjoy it.