Wonderful Italian Shower Design Ideas46
Wonderful Italian Shower Design Ideas46

49 Wonderful Italian Shower Design Ideas

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Basing the concept of history with today’s tasteful blend of old and new is something to look forward to. More than just a room to wash up and apply some makeup or after shave, bathrooms stemmed from Italian ideas never grow old.

Towel racks, door knobs and even a soap tray is meant to be eye pleasing to them, as Italian bathroom design revolves on using brass and polished metals to give an appearance of wealth, unless the said articles are actually molded gold. But cheaper alternatives would inspire any amateur home d├ęcor to spruce up the bathroom with designs that gives off an aura of ancient scenic beauty and Roman simplicity. Bathtubs may come in just about all shapes and sizes, but with some water jet-propelled ones like Jacuzzis are also introduced. Most of the bathtubs can be either ceramic or simply brass-types. And shower booths are also noted, can be made of clear glass or just an enclosed space with a blurred glass pane for a bit of privacy while showering.

Ceramics have been one of the basic elements when it comes to the design, setting tile after tile of light colors that gives the bathroom an appearance of warmth, despite of setting the cold water faucet by accident. Though a toilet is a toilet, women tend to be a bit more lavish as modern bidets makes toilet usage more pleasurable and hygienic for them. Floor mats can be used, but bleached mahogany is a better material to use as footboards that doesn’t let the bather feel cold once they step into the bathroom. The idea of heated floors is basically American, and this would cause too much moisture to retain, thus tarnishing the brass bit by bit.

In some cases, hanging small pictures of landscapes and flora will bring an added scenic look when it comes to the design. For most it may be just simple replicas from Monet and the like since most Italians appreciate the arts. Probably a small picture of wine and grapes would be good for that added touch.

There are various designs, tiles, and even fixtures for anyone who wish to turn a bathroom into a living piece of history, and this is more than just reading the paper while doing their business. Cleanliness, a sense of style and the uniqueness of ancient history, Italian bathroom design is a piece of artwork that can be well appreciated by anyone.