42 Cool Victorian Lamp Shades Ideas For Bedroom

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Vintage Lamp Shades are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of class and mystique to your home.

The unique design and craftsmanship are making these ever more popular within homes. They come in a variety of fabrics and colours’ allowing you to choose what not only suits your own individual style but existing decor. Adding just one lamp shade can change the ambience and setting of an entire room.

Vintage lamp shades, dependent on the era come in many shapes sizes and forms, there is an endless array of choice. They can be made from a variety of materials, whether it be fabrics or glass, it may also be patterned, the Victorian era saw a massive emphasis on florals however later generations seen more Asian designs and other alternative patterns come through. The trim is also an important feature, again there are a variety of styles these may be braided, fringes, glass or beaded.

Lighting must also be taken into account as the colour of the shade and material will influence the ambiance created. What is required will depend on where it is to be placed and the mood you are looking to create, a dimmer more romantic feel for the bedroom or an eclectic retro feel for an office or store. Although not as bright as standard lamp shades the illusion created is priceless.

When choosing a replacement lamp shade you can more specifically focus on a particular era of Vintage Lamp Shade and choose from Victorian Lamp Shades for example. Alternatively depending on what effect you are aiming to achieve and where the replacement shade is to be positioned you may opt to choose from a variety of mini lampshades.

Vintage styles do tend to be more expensive given their age, the amount of work that went into the craftsmanship of these and of course their scarcity however those on a budget need not miss out. There are bargains to be found, or alternatively the same classic atmosphere can also be enjoyed with a more affordable replica, there are various replica’s available from numerous reputable manufacturers at more affordable prices. In most cases you are able design your own lamp shade to your own style and requirements and do not have to wait the lengthy times involved with scouting a genuine antique

A carefully chosen lamp shade not only lights up your room but will serve as a talking point among friends and family.