42 Popular Hanging Planter Ideas For Outdoor

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Herb gardens are becoming the definitive choice of more and more gardeners because it provides for their cooking needs. A garden herb planter is important if you want to add aesthetic value to the indoor or outdoor herb garden you are growing. You can find differently sized and designed planters available in your local garden shops as well as online.

A garden herb planter will come in many different designs which would go well both indoors and outdoors. Some people have problems with indoor gardening because they might not have a lot of space in their kitchen. A great solution to that problem is a stackable herb planter like Stack-A-Pots’ mini garden stacker, available in Amazon for $29.99. This is self-watering and can hold nine or more plants. It includes a hanging chain and it’s both stackable and hangable. The product measures approximately 2 ft. tall with a diameter of 11″. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but it will be perfect for indoor gardening because of its space-saving design. You can choose from 4 available colors like terra cotta and stone, plus the purchase would come with a 1-year limited warranty. It is also an ideal gift for a friend with a green thumb.

If you have a modern-styled home or kitchen, you would need a contemporary looking garden herb planter to go along with it. The Chiasso Mesa Herb Planter is available online in the Chiasso website for $38. This has a sleek and simple modern design which comes with 3 metallic small pots and a tray. This great garden equipment is made of lead-free aluminum and measures 3.5″ (pot), 13.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 3″ D (tray). It is designed with no drainage holes and gravel or sand is recommended to use for drainage. Its compact size would make it easy to place in window sills or small kitchen counters and centers. It is perfect to use for any kind of herb seed. Chiasso is a great source of modern-designed furniture, tool and décor for your home. There are other choices of stylish planters and vases that you can select from.

Another popular brand you can use as a garden herb planter is Oxford Garden. This English wood planter measures 15″ high and 15″ square and available in Amazon for $109.99. It is made of Shorea, which is a lot like Teak but more heavy and dense. It comes in 5 pre-assembled pieces that is designed for easy assembly and removable bottom. Aside from herbs, It can also be used for growing fruits like tomato or flowering plants. You can also buy this in a set of 3 garden planters, which comes in different sizes and costs around $600.

Since it takes some space, it would be best to use for outdoor gardens. For those with smaller kitchen and indoor spaces, opt for mini-planters or the newly popular aero gardening system which also works well for growing different kinds of herbs. The right garden herb planter will not just help your plants grow healthy and strong, it will also add color and style to your living space whether indoors or outdoors. Your garden will be much more attractive with the perfect planter box. Enjoy comparing your options and find the ideal planter for your herbs.

These are just a few of the options in an herb garden planter.


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