Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas35
Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas35

43 Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas

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Plant stands are popular at any time of year and are used for various reasons. Giving height to the display of plants, keeping hungry rabbits at bay, preventing marks on the floor as well as the most frequent reason, to save space. Outdoors most people have plenty of room with many places to display favorite potted plants, be it on the ground, on a rock or on a wall. But, come Winter, when delicate plants need to be moved indoors, space often becomes a problem. Then pot plant stands are ideal because so many more plants can be staggered in a relatively small space.

Starting on the floor, with the taller plants off to the side, it is possible to put more plants on ever taller plant stands placed behind each other to create a virtual bank or wall of greenery and flowers which will not take up too much space in a room.

There is a great variety of plant stands available, those that stand by themselves for just one plant, others that come in a set of two or three at various heights. Yet others come in spirals with platforms for several flowerpots, or in the form of a baker’s rack that holds even more potted plants. There are also plant stands that can be folded up for storage, when no longer needed and others that have wheels for easy moving. Depending on the size of the plant, as well as the kind of pot used, one also must consider how sturdy the plant stand is constructed. A huge fern in a clay pot needs a considerably more solid stand than a small geranium in a plastic container.

Since plants need light, it is best to place them near a window. In many homes, unfortunately, that is also where the heater is located. If that is so, move your plant display to another bright area in the room and possibly consider adding a light, especially made for growing plants, nearby. Whether you choose a clay pot plant stand or any other container plant stand indoors, make sure you place a tray or dish under your plants to prevent water damage to your floors when watering.

While the plants on your pot plant stands do well indoors in winter, they usually benefit from being taken outdoors again when it becomes warm enough to do so. At that time you can either move the plant stands outdoors as well, store them away or use them to display other objects around the house.


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