Gorgeous Diy Kids Car Bed Ideas37
Gorgeous Diy Kids Car Bed Ideas37

40 Gorgeous Diy Kids Car Bed Ideas

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Boys can be very active and you want to keep this in mind when you’re designing a room for them. Everything must be organized and easily accessible by your little fellow. Getting organized can take a little planning, but its well worth the effort. Once you get everything in place, you can start decorating. Hiring an interior decorator and making major changes can get expensive. Here are some ideas on how to organize and decorate in a cost effective, do it yourself, timely manner.

First take inventory of everything that you want to keep in the room. Start with the basics. Clothes need to be easily accessible to your and your child. Keep the closet nice and neat with high-quality children’s clothes hangers or children’s wooden hangers. Extra rods are easily added and can make twice the space in your child’s closet. Hang as much as possible to avoid over stuffing drawers. Closet organizers that hang from the rod can be great storage places for sports equipment, shoes or can be used to lay out school clothes for the week in advance. Use high shelves for extra bedding or out of season clothing. Hooks and behind-the-door racks are convenient for hats, book bags, belts and other small items that may not currently have a place to go.

The next step is organizing the toys. This is something that parents sometimes dread, but the effort is well worth it. When toys are organized, it makes cleaning the room a snap. Little boys will play with things that they once ignored and get the most out of the toys that they have. Toy boxes stuffed with every kind of toy is confusing and just looks like clutter when it’s opened. Toys are lost, crushed and parts are separated when they’re not organized. Let’s face it, it happens to everyone and it makes for money wasted on toys that do not get played with.

Divide toys into groups like super heroes, balls, sports equipment, big trucks, little cars, and so forth. Use existing shelves and toy boxes to separate each type of toy. If you have a large toy box, you can sometimes use cardboard boxes inside of it to keep things separated. You can also add buckets and extra shelving to the room for just a little money. Use the space under the bed for larger trucks, train sets and race tracks. Put games with small pieces up high so that you can dictate when they are taken out and ultimately dumped. This will help keep things organized and keep their toys and games together with all of their parts. No more wasted money or time searching for pieces and parts.

If you’re trying to save money, go with a theme that matches the bed spread or the current color of the room. Wall adhesive stickers are a great option for kids who really want a character themed room, but will soon outgrow it. They are easily removed and won’t leave marks on the walls. Kids have fun decorating their own room with stickers and the project will give you something fun to do with your child. Toys or balls hung from the ceiling add a cute touch to the room. Keep a dresser top or shelf clear for the character toys or sports equipment matching the theme to be displayed. Keep as much of the room as possible clear for play space and your little boy will have a fun new room to spend time in.


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