46 Elegant Christmas Lights Decor For Backyard Ideas

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Christmas is a festival of joy, togetherness and lights, a season for celebrations. Christmas celebrations are always incomplete without decorations – Outdoor lightings, Christmas tree decorations and many more. There are several ways and many decorative ideas for Christmas. Here’s one among them: Using outdoor string Christmas lights.

There are many types of String lights available for Christmas decorations. Traditional string lights which use C7 or C9 bulbs, fairy or mini lights, rope lights, net lights, shimmer spheres and animated light displays are some to name among the many available outdoor Christmas decorations.

C7 or C9 Christmas Lights are the most common Xmas lights available and consists of a cord with a number of sockets with a light bulb in each socket. These bulbs used in these lights are very bright and visible, which adds to their popularity. The bulbs are so arranged in the string that is one fails to work the rest of the strings is alight.

Mini Lights also known as Fairy Lights are string lights made up of very small bulbs. The bulbs used in these may be clear, white or coloured. Fairy lights are normally available in cords of 50 to 100 lights and are available in almost any colour. These lights can be programmed to have different lighting patterns.

These lights can be used in various ways and colour mix match for Xmas decorations. But before going in for their use, you must ensure correct choice of the lights are made which can additionally increase the ambience of the festive season

Depending on the architectural features of your house, it’s surrounding and theme you decide on for decorations, you can decide the types of lights to be used and the colour combination to be used. String lights can be hanged from the roof, from the walls, can be used as outdoor lighting to brighten up the backyard, can be draped around the trees, and wrapped around the pillar and many more.

Here are some tips that can help you to hang the Outdoor Christmas String lights this season:

1. Start Planning for the type of decoration and decide on the theme which you intend to have quite early before e Christmas,

2. Once you decide on the theme, plan for the landscape and the area where you wish to display your decoration. It could be best that you measure the outdoor space where you plan to display plan for decoration.

3. Based on the theme, you can further decide the colour combination and the arrangements for strings to be made.

4. Based on the analysis done, you can now plan further to purchase the number of sets required.

5. Once this is done, check for the power points for the string lights to be plugged, check whether all the lights in the string are functioning properly, arrange for all the accessories (ladder, clips ) required for hanging.

6. And finally you are ready to hang the string lights.

Christmas gets no celebrations and happiness without Christmas decorations. String lights will add up more to those with their dazzling, twinkling appearance.


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