44 Creative Rustic Christmas Fireplace Mantel Décor Ideas

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Your fireplace is often the centerpiece of a room and can have a dramatic effect on the decoration of your room. Decorating this part of fireplace can set the style and tone for the entire room, which is why you should take some time to spruce up your fireplace rather than leaving it bare. Whether you have an old-fashioned brick fireplace mantel or you have renovated to a more contemporary design, here are some tips for decorating.

Cast Stone Fireplace Surroundings

Cast stone fireplace surroundings can completely transform the design of your living space. These exquisite mantels are generally available in a variety of styles ranging from ornate traditional mantels to contemporary mantels with clean lines, making cast stone fireplace surroundings an ideal renovation idea if you want to enhance the appearance of your fireplace. Manufacturers create cast stone elements that fit any size or décor and they are even made for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you are looking for rustic, old world designs, classical designs, or contemporary designs, you can definitely bring out the “wow” factor of your fireplace mantel with cast stone fireplace surroundings.

Other Fireplace Refacing Alternatives

If you have a larger budget and you want to radically change the style of your fireplace, you may choose to reface your fireplace. There are a range of companies today that provide materials, from tile to stone surfaces that can be installed on your fireplace. Fireplace refacing can transform the design of a room, and today there is a wide range of refacing options that fit contemporary and traditional décor.

Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating your fireplace is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Indeed, we can all imagine a beautifully decorated mantel at Christmas, complete with holly, stockings, and some Christmas ornaments. However, regardless of the holiday, your fireplace mantel can set the tone for celebration. Show your creativity with lights and knickknacks for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays you and your family enjoy celebrating.

Dos and Do Nots

    • Never decorate your fireplace mantel with flammable materials unless your fireplace is decorative only and you do not light fires.


    • Use your creativity. Traditionally, fireplace mantels have been the ideal place to display family photos or important memorabilia, but your fireplace mantel can do much more. Don’t just line up objects of similar size, but try for a more dynamic design using various objects with different sizes, colours, and textures.


    • Fruits and flowers add colour and freshness to a room and your fireplace mantel is a great place to display them.


  • Mirrors on your fireplace mantel add depth while helping to brighten a room.

Finally, remember that when you are decorating your fireplace, the sky is the limit. Use your imagination to create a stunning focal point that sets the mood for your room. You can decorate and redecorate your fireplace as often as you like so you can always have a bold new style in your home.


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