41 Lovely Farmhouse Christmas Porch Decor And Design Ideas

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If you really want to bring people into the Christmas spirit when they come to your home during the holidays, here are several Christmas door decorating ideas that can be an excellent first step. Your entrance way is the first thing that people see when they come to your home so it might be the most important part of your Christmas decorating.

One of the interesting Christmas door decorating ideas that some people have tried is to make your front door look like it is a giant wrapped present. In order to do this, wrap the door up to the edge and fold the paper back under itself rather than wrapping around the edge. Use pieces of double stick tape to stick the paper onto your front door. You can use the same trick to put on large pieces of ribbon and then leave a big bow in the center. You may want to test the tape on your door to be sure it does not bother the paint.

For a twist on this idea, make a matching smaller door out of cardboard for the elves to use. Cover the cardboard with the same color that you covered your real door. Add a small wreath or ribbon to match your real door. Set it next to your real door and post a little note that says “Elves enter here!”

If you would like to try something different and you have someone artistic in your family, you can cover your door with Bristol board that shows a scene of what it looks like inside. When people walk up to the door, it will look like the door is already open and they will be greeted with a festive scene. You can make it look just like the front hall of your home only you can add Santa, some elves or whatever your imagination can come up with. If you use Bristol board instead of paper it is something that you could use again next Christmas.

There is nothing quite as traditional and charming as a beautiful wreath on your front door. That idea never goes out of style. Go to your craft store or browse a magazine for an idea that you enjoy. Whether you make it yourself or purchase a ready-made wreath, you can have a lot of fun. Invite a friend or neighbor to make a wreath with you. Instructions for making Christmas wreaths can be found online in blogs, forums and videos.

Those evergreen wreaths that you purchase at the craft store need to be “fluffed up” each year. Take a little time to perk up the evergreen sprigs. Add a beautiful bow for a simple but stunning wreath. Or decorate the entire wreath with ornaments or natural materials like berries, pine cones and grasses. Place the largest items on the wreath first and then fill in with the smaller items. You can use a hot glue gun or the wires on the wreath – wrapping each item very snugly.

Some other fun Christmas door decorating ideas include taking things from inside and using them outside. If you have extra stockings that you do not use any more, you can hang them from the door for something different than the traditional wreath. The same goes for old Christmas tree decorations or collections of bows from old Christmas presents.

Whenever it is that you choose for Christmas door decorating ideas this holiday season remember to have lighting on your porch. Extra lighting gives your porch a festive look and also makes it a little safer for guests. Enjoy the holidays without adding extra stress to your schedule. If you enjoy making decorations for your home and have set aside time to do that, then have a ball! Purchasing a beautiful wreath or other ornament for your door is fantastic as well. Enjoy the season!


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