41 Modern Sofa Living Room Furniture Design Ideas

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If you are shopping for sofa living room furniture, you may only have one chance to really make your living room shine. The choice of sofa can make or break a living room. Many families will spend the bulk of their free time in this room of the home, usually watching TV but hopefully more engaged in more meaningful activities like reading or games that stimulate the mind.

A comfortable sofa can not only provide the ideal place to sit during these activities, but the proper sofa configuration can also mean creating the right proportions of space in the living space to make it a relaxed and fun space to be in. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular sofa styles and how to make use of them, as well as some of the places one can find the best sofa for shared living space.

For those looking to maximize the space in their living room, a sectional sofa is probably the best choice. Not only does sectional living room furniture free up space in the center of the living room through its placement against the wall, it also offers more space to sit because of the corner wedge that connects the two main parts of the sofa. A sectional sofa also offers more space to lie down for a nap for the same reason, and some of the sofas with wider seats can serve as a very comfortable sleeping sofa, as is. Corner sofas are also more contemporary in design but will fit with contemporary or traditional decor depending on the design of the sofa.

For those wanting to create a more central focus in the living room, making use of a separate sofa and loveseat set can make more sense. When arranged so that they are facing each other, the sofa and loveseat turn the focus inward. Add a reclining chair facing in towards center and the space is even more intimate. Conversely, a sofa and loveseat can also be placed in an “L” configuration with an end table placed in the corner of the “L”. This makes for a very harmonious arrangement and the end table also provides the ideal place to put a table lamp as well as for setting down drinks.