48 Stunning Bohemian Style Home Decor Ideas

1 min read

Spring is that light, warm season when most people tend to clean out their homes and get rid of unnecessary junk accumulated throughout the year. But don’t send that box to the Salvation Army just yet! Redecorating your home with old things you have around the house is a much cheaper alternative to buying new pieces every year. With a few extra details, you can have your home looking spic and span in time for spring.

Random trinkets and knickknacks are the most often discarded items during a spring cleaning session, but they’re actually versatile items that add much to your décor. Beads and sequins can make throw covers look outstanding, while little gewgaws hung from the simplest lampshades create a unique effect. These tiny details are great for giving new life to cheap and outdated pieces in any room.

If you’re stumped with using all those little items, you might want to turn to a home design magazine for a little help. Although such publications usually feature pricey name brand items, it’s easy enough to copy the look or appearance of something that caught your eye. With the right inspiration and a few art materials, you can make even cheap yard sale items look downright expensive.

Do you have tattered old throw pillows in the Discard box? Resurrect them with new covers or pillow shams. Are there odd frames or artworks in line to be given away? Put them together on a big blank wall to create an eclectic, Bohemian artwork effect for next to nothing.

Rugs go a long way in creating a cohesive theme for a particular room, even when you’ve thoroughly mixed and matched items from all over. Is there a color that repeats over and over again in your design items? Get a rug in that color to make it really pop at first glance. Does it seem like the entire room looks dark and heavy? A light or neutral colored rug breaks the monotony and makes your room look interesting, even avant garde.

Are you tired of looking a room that looks exactly the same year in and year out? Mirrors will have a huge impact by creating illusions of extra space and playing around with the actual dimensions of the room. To make the mirrors even more interesting, you could install dramatic ornate frames or glue them to extra porcelain or ceramic pieces you’ve got lying around.

It might also be time for you to change the way the room is lit. You might have to do a bit of electrical work, but the effect on the room is sure to be huge. A bare bulb, for example, will look very unique indeed if you install something like a crepe paper lampshade on it. Replacing plain bulbs with spot lighting, meanwhile, can turn a public room into a cozier, more intimate space.

Check out the items you’ve got and then let your imagination run wild as you go from room to room. Sometimes it’s the most outlandish and over-the-top ideas that translate into fantastic-looking rooms.