40 Gorgoeus Diy Remodeling Bathroom Projects On A Budget Ideas

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Some people approach any home renovation project as a bit of a hobby. This is a good approach if you are learning DIY or want a stress free activity to do when you’re not at work. Invariably they do little planning of the project and it develops organically. For example, if they have a bathroom remodel project they will not set any deadline to have it completed. They may search around for the ideal bath, to the extent that it could take months to find it. They may purchase all their materials from auctions to save money. They may see it as a learning process and thus are not really worried about a perfect finish. If however you want to a more structured approach here are some things to consider when planning a bathroom remodel project.

Any remodeling project should follow the same process. Do some initial planning. How many people will be using the bathroom. This might determine whether you should add a separate toilet or an ensuite. Make a list of all the items you will need to store in your bathroom. This will indicate the size of the cabinets you will need and whether there is enough space in the room. Consider what you don’t like about the existing bathroom. If the layout is not practical then you will be looking at redesigning the room. This will be a considerable expense. If you simply don’t like the colors in the room or feel that some of the fixtures are a bit dated then this will be less expensive.

This brings us onto the budget. After the initial planning, you need to set a budget. The planning will give you some idea of what you want in your new bathroom. You will have decided if the job is big or small. You will have decided on a realistic time line. You will have decided if you want to do the job yourself or will leave it to tradespeople. Get costings for all the new fixtures you will be adding. Get some quotes for plumbing and any restructuring work. Above all try to stick to this budget as it could impact the completion date if the money dries up. Work out what you can do yourself and what to leave to the professionals. For instance, you could do the initial clearing out. You could strip the wall paper or tiling.

Before finalizing your decision over which professionals you are going to hire make sure you check that they are licensed and insured. Check any references that they give. Be sure to communicate what you require from the professional and ensure that they are clear about this. Keep an eye on their work to be sure it is not deviating from the initial plan. Ensure that the quality is what you expect. You don’t have to be on their back every few minutes but asses the work at the end of each day. Never pay more than 10% of their costs up front.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a new look in the bathroom, then furniture or DIY stores generally have demonstration bathrooms that can give you ideas. You can look at their brochures too. Lifestyle magazines always have features on remodeling so browse through these types of magazines.