48 Comfy Boho Bedroom Decor With Attractive Color Ideas

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There are innumerable styles available today in which to decorate your bedroom. The bedding you choose must reflect this style, be it Boho chic or Bare Bones Minimalism. You don’t need the help of an interior designer to get your bedroom looking fabulous with just a few important tips you too will be able to pick the best suited bedding to your bedroom style. I will provide a few tips and pointers below to teach you the most important aspects of choosing the perfect bedding for each style.
Bed linen and accessories are the most important items in changing the appearance and atmosphere of your bedroom.

A few practical tips when choosing bedding:

oAlways buy you duvet comforter a size larger than you bed. For example if you have a double bed, buy a queen size duvet or comforter.

oRather spend a bit more on your sheets and pillowcases, especially pillowcases-you lay your head on them every night after all.

oRead labels on bedding, and where possible always buy the highest thread count you can afford.

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to the amount of thread used in a 2.5cm block of fabric. A thread count of 180 to 200 is standard whereas 300 or more indicates top quality. Egyptian cotton has a high tread count and is always a good buy.

Depending on the style you have chosen for your bedroom (more details on bedrooms styles available at website below) your needs will chance in terms of your bedding.

For a Romantically styled bedroom:

Romantic bedrooms do not always have to be frilly and lacey, yet this is the image brought to mind, and rightfully so as this is called feminine romantic bedrooms, there are masculine themed romantic bedrooms as well, which I have made note of below.

For a feminine romantic bedroom- In this bedroom the bedding is the focal point, use heavy thick comforters or duvets with loads of pillows, using it to puff the bed up a little. If your overall theme is floral, you may extend this to the bedding, alternatively using a silk bed set will create a sophisticated feel. The color of your bedding should be soft and feminine for example pastels, white and cream. Look for duvet covers or comforters trimmed with soft ‘antique lace’, soft Victorian prints or use a solid color and add ambience using your pillow covers and scatter cushions.

For a romantic yet masculine bedroom design- use textures and darker colors to evoke the desired mood.

Again use the bedding as a focal point, following the same principles as above, yet here using rich silks to add to the overall ambience of the room. Abandon the lace in favor of more masculine stripes or solid colors.

Minimalist bedrooms:

This is a style of design that strips everything down to the bare essentials. It is beautiful in its own right but not suited to everyone’s lifestyle as it needs to remain neat and very tidy all the time, not an easy task- trust me I have tried and failed miserably. If you find yourself attracted to this style, also known as the oriental style, yet do not feel you can keep it up, rather look towards the contemporary style, it is also well appointed but not quite so bare. If however you feel this is the style for you, read on.

Bedding must be simple and monochromatic, and not puffy like the romantic style bedroom would require, this is quite the opposite. Do not add lots of pillows as this will spoil the look. A bed frill will also not be used here.

Plain or monochromatic colored bedding works best for this design; I find that white, black and in some cases red, can be used successfully. A very sticking effect is too gained by making everything- the pillow cases, sheets and bedcover- all the same color.

There is a more traditional version of this style, leaning more toward the oriental inspired side of things, for more information please visit the website below.

French – Country inspired bedrooms:

It is often difficult to distinguish between this style and the romantically styled bedroom. The main difference can be found in the use of furniture as bedding and bed linen stays pretty much the same; use of puffy comforters and duvets with lost of pillows and lace is also encouraged here, but try and find French themed items, for example a comforter with a print of the Fleur de lis.

Contemporary bedroom design:

Contemporary design should not be confused with minimalism, it has some of the same basic rules yet it is a little warmer and cozier. Strong geometric shapes, clean lines and bold blocks of color are used to attain this design style.

Frills, ruffles and lace are not suited to this style; patterned bedding also does not do it any favors, instead buy good quality neutral bedding and use your accents to add a splash of color. The color of Bed linen remains muted; however, if you use colored bedding it must not have a pattern but can be chocolate, avocado turquoise or even burnt orange, as long as it is plain.

Traditionally styled bedrooms

Traditionally style bedrooms are calm orderly and predictable, here nothing wild or out of the ordinary comes into play. This is a bedroom anyone will feel comfortable in no matter what age you are. Everything is kept classic, yet not ostentatious. It is comfortable yet beautiful.

Pastel colors and soft plaits, floral patterns and muted tones are favored. If you prefer darker colors work from the outside in, keeping the walls lighter and your furniture and bedding darker. Avoid very bright or jarring colors; this is also not the place to experiment with odd combinations of color. Pillows and bedding are soft and puffy, following a gentle curve rather than a sleek line.

To purchase the correct bedding is a very important aspect of bedroom design and should not be neglected as it has an impact on the ambiance reflected by the end product. You bedroom should be a tranquil peaceful place where you can escape the hustle of everyday life, the tips above should put you well on the road to just such calm and stress free place.