47 Fabulous Kitchen Countertop Trends Design For Small Space Ideas

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Brainstorming ideas for a kitchen renovation or remodel could become quite overwhelming. This is because there exist many facets to take into account, standards to abide by, as well as government regulations to follow.

For instance, if you’re remodelling involves installing a new dishwasher below your bench-top, the Building Code of Australia demands that a sealant be used in the plumbing. In addition the BCA should be followed in conjunction with Australian Standards 1428 and AS 4299 as points of reference.

Towards achieving that great remodel, we have proposed the following 3 broad areas which are easy to modify and renovate without having to undertake massive physical works.

1. The Layout

A renovation presents you with the best opportunity to create that layout you’ve always wanted. If yours is small sized affair, perhaps a galley layout would be the best choice. Because the amount of horizontal space that you have is quite limited, it may be an excellent idea to think vertically. Consider stacking your counters and shelves high up on all the available walls.

If space is not an issue, you could go for an L-shaped or U-shaped design. These designs will offer you with plenty of space for your cabinets and countertop. You may also think about including a bar-height countertop to your island to give that convenient eat-in space for the entire family. What should ideally guide you as you design the layout is how the cooking space is used by different members of your family and work along those identified needs.

2. Countertops and Cabinets

Trending today are frosted cabinets which are making a fine and modern finish. Painted cabinets may also provide you a fine, yet reasonably priced remodel. You may even opt for a blend of the two for your cabinetry!

When it comes to choice of counters, marble or granite countertops offer stylish options. Also becoming very trendy today are stainless steel limestone and concrete counters. If you desire to add sparkle to the place, you may install a mosaic tile backsplash or opt for a vibrant wooden floor finish.

3. Your Storage

If your place is not too big and you desire to have sufficient working space, you’ll need to maximize on each available inch. For the orderly storage of all your appliances and utensils, you’ll need many drawers, shelves and cabinets. Include racks on your walls for hanging pans and pots. You may consider investing in a mobile cart that could conveniently fit beneath one of your countertops. Those frequently used and bulky items could be positioned on the countertop. Additional space could be freed up by storing many of the less frequently used items and appliances in a separate storage room. However, the trick lies in being well organized because nothing defeats a place that is well organized!

As a final word remember that if you’re building a brand new place or undertaking a full renovation it is possible that you could require having a licensed and government approved building contractor supervising the project. For example, home renovators, builders and installers working in South Australia are managed by a department of the Office of the Attorney General, the Consumer and Business Services (CBS).


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