45 Creative Rustic Bathroom Ideas For Upgrade Your House

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Choosing a theme is important when redecorating bathrooms, but not everyone will be keen to go down the well-trodden path of stripes and nautical accents.

DNA India observed that the latest trend in home decorating happens to be the rustic look, a style that calls for earthy, natural and neutral tones – for bathroom furniture, consider selecting various shades of complementary dark green, paired with a hue of brown or pure white for the perfect palette.

The idea could even be extended to the rest of the house, as the news source affirmed that the most attractive residences are those that have continuity throughout.

“Plan your own home decorating ideas by deciding on the interior colours you will use in each room for walls, woodwork, carpets, country curtains [and] furniture coverings,” it was suggested.

In order to save space and keep homes free of clutter this year, people have been advised to introduce bathroom accessories such as stackable plastic drawer units in their bathrooms.

Speaking to your home, part of the Toronto Star, Estelle Gee – director of home management service Orderly Lives – made this recommendation, noting that smaller items such as makeup and nail varnish can be stored within these articles, thus keeping surfaces as clear as possible.

She suggested using plastic options as, although not her first choice of material, it works well in bathrooms as it is impervious to moisture and cleans easily.

Ms Gee also proposed creating a plan of where items belong, listing what should go in each room based on function, so as to ensure articles are easy to find when required.

When it comes to actually updating a bathroom suite, however, Debbie Travis of the newspaper recently observed that current trends are now in line with the general spa experience, which homeowners may wish to consider when making new purchases.


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