40 Easy And Practical Clothing Racks For Casual Décor Ideas

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I am finding my brown belt, but where is the black one? Has this ever happened to you? This could easily happen if your closet is disorganized or cluttered. It happens to the best of us. Many of us have started with a very “organized” closet when we first moved in to our apartment or home. Then our busy lives step in and we have little or no time for organizing closets. In recent times, we have been fortunate with the advent of closet organizers. This has helped us a long way in organizing our closets.

Keeping our closet organized is not difficult. It requires a practical approach and some commitment. I suggest the three-R approach: Remove, Re-arrange and Replace.

After making a commitment to do the job, remove all items from the closet. Separate any items that are no longer used or required. Throw these out or give them away.

Of the items to be kept, group them into “like” items. Of course you will want to keep your belts together as they will be hung in one place!

Re-arrange the like items into categories such as “party outfits”, seasonal outfits, casual wear, etc. This puts a practical spin to arranging as it would be a lot easier to quickly find outfits for your special occasions and even for casual outings. You may even choose to line up outfits according to colour schemes.

When Re-placing the clothes in the closet, again think of their practical use. Place the most frequently used items in easy to reach areas – towards the front of the closet (for deep closets). Some females may want to keep their often used work jewelry in a drawer towards the front.

The modern closets are normally optimized for space. However the use of closet organizers in older units have been a practical approach to arranging your closet. Longer garments are placed on one side of the closet, whereas shorter ones can be hung at two levels next to it. Crates, plastic containers or wire baskets are available for storing items that are not usually hung. They provide for neat and compact storage. Shoe racks are another practical storage method. Scarf or tie racks are also available for compact storage. These are just a few of the new approaches available on the market today for organizing your closet. They maximize every space available and provide neat compact options for storage.