40 Comfy And Casual Farmhouse Home Design Ideas

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A farmhouse kitchen table is a gathering place. This is an area that’s durable enough for the whole family to use. It’s the kind of area where your kids can do homework. It works really well in a kitchen. It can be a little bit casual so you’ll want to make sure that you really go all out with this in a formal dining room.

A few years ago these silhouettes of tables were extremely popular. However, now it can look extremely dated. It might just have a tile top, wood chairs, and green or burgundy painted frames. You can just try painting out the hunter green or wood chairs for a more neutral black tone. Then the tile top might not stand out as much or you could just put a tablecloth over it.

This is inexpensive so you can use it in other rooms of your house for a more casual kind of look. If you are going to use this in a formal dining room you can really drive home this theme. Bring in more casual elements. This could be worn ceiling beams. You can also bring in a lot of stone elements. This could be an entire stone wall or just a slate buffet. You could just change out some of the brick in your room such as on your fireplace with these more rustic elements. Make sure that the mantle relates back to the farmhouse kitchen table with a distressed finish and the same wood tone.

This style is very rustic. You can just go with mismatched chairs. Just paint them all a bright white or gray. Then mix in a basic wood tone or another white piece. For this kind of design style you need to make sure that you get a very classic farmhouse silhouette.


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