48 Wonderful Home Sauna Design Ideas

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We, at Gaia Saunas, endow you with one of the best home saunas that suit your requirements and add to the luxury of your house. Our saunas come with affordable price and excellent quality as we take enough care in the design as well as construction of saunas.

We also offer home sauna kits that comprises of different materials or spare parts of the entire sauna system which can assembled on-site and a sauna can be made for your home specially customized as per your requirements. The biggest advantage of our home sauna kit is that it can be constructed and erected at your place itself and so you can easily choose the materials as per the space, shape and size of the room where it is to be fitted.

These days, such kits are becoming more and more popular specially in making a sauna for two persons, as it can even fit in smaller houses. They can be assembled near pools or in basements or even in attics wherever it fits the best. While constructing a home sauna from the kit, pool side is the most preferable location of all.

The home sauna kit consists of material for making sauna cabin, water supply system with different hoses as per the jet requirements, stoves or other fuel burnings for steam generation, benches for sitting, insulated doors and much more which is collated together to form your dream sauna for your home. One of the best parts of home sauna kit is that the user can himself mix and match from a variety of our product ranges and can select his pick from all of the above products to satisfy his necessities.

From these kits, sauna room, shower room and dressing room can be arranged and can be constructed with the boards available. These boards are made of cedar wood with tongue and groove joints to easily fit in the panels and form an insulated space where you can enjoy having sauna bath at your home itself. With these kits, any customized size of sauna can be erected at your place ranging from 3’x 3′ to as big as 12’x 12′ or even larger. Apart from cedar wood panels, the kit comes with various other accessories like ceiling boards, door jamb, cache, hinges, shower kits, benches, steam or heater options and many other luxurious accessories. Wiring is also an important part of sauna kit and for these wires and other installations it is advisable to take guidance, which is provided in the installation guideline booklet that comes along with our kit.

Constructing from home sauna kit

One need not worry about the construction and installation part of kit as it just requires a medium level skill for it. They are so user friendly and the guidance booklet is also so detailed that anyone can assemble it.

In case of new house, the space can be specially provided before by the architect for the home sauna. For this ha can suggest a frame space as wellas provide as flooring that is waterproof so that after the construction of your new home, sauna can be made from the kit. After that you can assemble different segments and build your home sauna in a pre-decided space as per your architect’s suggestions. In an existing house, it can placed anywhere as per your choice but care should be taken to make the floor waterproof before its installation and use.

The saunas made with this kit are non portable but we have some innovative customers who have made them portable by making them in trailers or their vans. So if you have any innovative ideas for your own sauna, and you want it to be constructed as per your own specifications, we will definitely respect your suggestions and ideas and our team will put in its best to try that your ideas are turned into a stunning reality!