40 Modern Curtain Designs for Living Room

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Curtain designs choices are unlimited. The number and variety of curtains to choose from are mind-boggling. You will be truly impressed by all the options available to you. First, you have a choice of buying your curtains either from online or offline store. With stores in the real world you can touch and feel the cloth, actually get to see the patterns but the choices are limited. Online stores offer unlimited choices and if you don’t like the patterns in one store you can always click and find another store without the hassle of physically moving from store to store. Make sure though that the store delivers in your geographic location.

When it comes to picking curtain designs for your living room, you need to keep in mind the general decor of the room. If it is traditional like in a cottage you might like flowery and heavy curtains. In this kind of house where there are dozens of things competing for attention the heavy designs will simply blend in with the surroundings. Having simple designs will actually attract a lot more attention.

If it is modern and minimalist then pick abstract or geometric patterns. You need to decide on what is going to be the focus of attention in the room. Is it going to be the art pieces on the wall or the furniture or the curtains? If the focus is the art pieces then your curtains should be subtle and simple and not draw any attention to themselves. Everything in room should simply fade into the background as the picture stands out. If it is the expensive furniture that is going to be focus of attention then again the curtains should match the decor of the furniture or be in contrast to set off the furniture design.

If the curtains are going to be the focus then by all means pick bright and bold themes. If your room is otherwise staid and plain then add a splash of color with your curtain picks. Living rooms need lot of light as we gather here for chatting with friends, reading newspapers and books, listening to music and playing games. This room needs to be light and airy. So, it may be better to choose light materials that let in a lot of light and yet maintain some amount of privacy in the living room. Light cottons, synthetics, lace are good bets. Eyelet curtain designs are the latest and most elegant of window treatment options available today.


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