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40 Cozy Decorative Garden Planters Design Ideas

Sure it is easy to find nature inspired prints on cushions, pillows, even table cloths, but what about decorating with living flowers...

Written by James I. Howard · 1 min read >
Cozy decorative garden planters design ideas 30

Sure it is easy to find nature inspired prints on cushions, pillows, even table cloths, but what about decorating with living flowers and foliage? It has never been easier than with garden planters on your patio and in your yard. They’re easy to move, easy to change or update and they lend natural color and interest to your backyard retreat.

Traditionally made of wood like teak or redwood, garden planters come in various sizes from small enough to fit under your window to large enough to hold a tree. So your patio design possibilities are endless. Use a few large ones to create a tree line for privacy or space a few medium sized ones around your sitting area for a little color and sweet fragrance in your backyard retreat.

Deciding what to put in your garden planters is almost as fun as placing the finished design on your patio. Some say the best way to go about it is to imagine you are arranging a bouquet in a vase. Choose plants of various heights, textures and colors to create striking arrangements and don’t forget a few vines to spill over the edges. Whether you want an arrangement that’s sleek and modern or fun and textured it is easy to do. You can also create stunning garden planters that are filled with just one flower or plant.

Fill some with bright white blooms to light up the night with a soft shimmering glow. Try contrasting colors such as purple and yellow to add drama and let some of your garden planters stand on their own the center of attention and arrange others together in striking groups. Big or small garden planters can really spice up your patio and give a more or less man-made area a natural touch.

You can even create and design your garden in garden planters. Not only are you able to pair complimentary colors and textures, but you can rearrange them in a snap. Use some near the house for herb gardens or patio tomatoes. All the fixings for a fresh bowl of gazpacho will be at your fingertips along with fresh mint for a cold mojito or extra special lemonade.

Have fun in your garden with the creativity and versatility that can be found in garden planters. Besides wood you can choose wrought iron designs for added elegance with scrolling lines and various colors.

The best place to browse the world of garden planters is online. Not only will you find the largest selection, but you will also find the best prices. So instead of going to your local garden centers only to find plastic containers, try shopping online from the comfort of your home. You will be close to your patio to better determine the sizes of garden planters you need to fill your backyard retreat with color and style. And online garden planters are always in season. So try some garden planters today. You’ll be surprised at how they give you more ways to express your personal style and add to the look and feel of your patio paradise.


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